Overwhelming doesn’t even begin to explain what planning your own wedding feels like. Whether it’s the budget constantly on the forefront of your mind or being unable to find that one thing that ties everything together, the struggle is beyond real. But between all that lies something important that you may have forgotten about – yourself. Brides should be absolutely radiant on their big day and preemptive skincare is a big part of that healthy glow. The closer you get to “I do” when bad skin attacks, the harder it is to fix it.

But fear not, dear readers, as Osmotics Cosmeceuticals has our back. I was recently given the opportunity to try a few of their products, and although I’m not walking down the aisle anytime soon, I feel as though I could turn that aisle into a catwalk in an instant. They were gracious enough to send us their Micro Peel 3-Step Skin Resurfacing System, Under Eye Rejuvenator and Inner Light Instant Complexion Enhancer. For about a month now, I’ve been using their Micro Peel 3-Step Skin Resurfacing System once a week, and even after the first try, I felt as if my skin was light and lifted.

The first step to the 3-Step System is the Exfoliating Charcoal Mask. Simply apply and let sit for a few minutes, scare your boyfriend because you look a bit like the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and rinse. Follow with the Collagen Boosting Micro Peel which plumps the skin while also promoting the skin’s natural elimination of dead skin cells. After letting that absorb for a minute or two, apply the Protective Barrier Cream, which hydrates the skin and protects against aging free radicals and environmental harm. After completing the Micro Peel 3-Step Skin Resurfacing System, I always gain a natural glow. My skin looks smoother and not only does my face feel refreshed, but I do, too. It’s almost as if each pore was individually cleansed and equipped to fight off makeup, sweat and polluted air.

Each night and morning, I’ve been applying the Under Eye Rejuvenator – just a couple dabs under the eyes and on the lids. Normally, I’ll get noticeable under-eye bags after a bad night’s sleep but after using the Rejuvenator, my face shows no signs of bad sleep. Slouching into the office and multiple cups of coffee tell a different story, but you definitely can’t tell by looking at my eyes – they’re bright and ready to start the day!

My favorite product, however, has been the Inner Light Complexion Enhancer. I’ll be the first to admit I watch makeup tutorials and still have no idea how to apply flawless foundation, but the Complexion Enhancer has helped me tremendously. I apply a thin layer on my face before applying my makeup, and it instantly smoothes skin so makeup applies easier. Throughout the day, my makeup stays; it doesn’t become cakey or dried out. It’s even light enough that it can be the only thing you apply. It won’t look like you have anything on, just a beautiful, natural glow.

Your wedding day is a celebration of yourself and your partner, so why not completely own the big day and look your best? With preparedness a little help from Osmotics Cosmeceuticals, you can feel and look like the beautiful bride you truly are.

Check out, and purchase, these products and more at osmotics.com.

Photos courtesy of Osmotics Cosmeceuticals.

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Associate Editor, Emily Peter.