The Couple: Brijette and Micah Bergman

Wedding Date:  June 26, 2010

Photography by Jaclyn Photography

Tell us a little about you and your beloved:  Never did I expect to find my perfect partner before I turned 16. Micah and I were introduced in high school, where his black, square-framed glasses were instantly attracted to my mess of red hair. My boisterous and persistent personality drew Micah out of his shy, GQMagazine-looking shell and into a relationship that made us the best version of ourselves. Micah is charming, loyal, objective and compassionate –everything I never knew I wanted.

After four years of silly fun and a few petty routs, we decided to divide and conquer. I was a junior at the University of California at Santa Barbara pursuing an English degree, and after a disheartening experience in San Luis Obispo, Micah decided to move back to the Sierra. Although we still loved each other, we could no longer ignore the growing that we needed to do as individuals.

After graduating, I moved back home and in with my parents…not ideal after living independently for four years. Micah was my sanctuary. He wanted to know the person I had grown into and be involved in my newly forming life. There’s nothing sexier than a man who participates. This time, we had a foundation – instead of teenage hormones – to build a relationship on. We knew that this time it was forever love.

In January 2009 we purchased a home in Sacramento, which is where the next stage of our life began. On a blue hand-me-down couch, Micah asked me to be his wife, to which I replied, “Seriously?” (I’ve never been good with surprises.) I quickly recovered and excitedly accepted. The proposal was spontaneous, and real, and us.

Our love has never been a Disney-sponsored fairytale. And, we like it that way. Love is not rainbows, butterfly and singing birds – it requires compromise, effort, and honesty. We plan to spend the rest of our days sharing, giggling and working on the best marriage we can build.

What was the most amazing part of your day?  First joining hands after my father walked me down the aisle. Filled with nervous laughter, I whispered that I loved him and replied, “I’m so sweaty.” It was perfectly hilarious. When we made it up to the altar, we knelt down as one. We both couldn’t believe the day was actually here, and for a moment it wasn’t about the flowers, or the guests, or the reception; it was about us.

What else would you like to share about your big day?  Less is more. Designing and creating many of the elements in our wedding gave us more time to spend with our families. We didn’t need to divide time between a coordinator, planner or florist and the ones we love. Participating in the creation of our special day, made our family and friends feel more involved. They have always supported our love and it was special to include them in the ceremony that officiates it. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Ceremony Site:  St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Lake Tahoe

Reception Venue:  Lake Tahoe Paradise Park

Photographer:  Jaclyn Photography

Jaclyn and her assistant/husband Allistar were so fun and easy to work with. They exceeded all of our expectations and were very flexible with our indecisiveness. We wanted our memories to be casual yet elegant with no stiff “traditional” poses. Jaclyn was able to corral our large family and capture some of our most intimate – and cherished – moments. The photos, as you can see, are spectacular. I would highly recommend Jaclyn Photography.

Caterer:  Lake Tahoe Catering Company

Cake:  Sweet Cakes by Rebecca.  Highly recommended! Instead of eating a stale piece of year-old wedding cake, Sweet Cakes will make you a small cake to eat on your one-year anniversary, a bonus definitely worth celebrating.

Flowers:  Lodi Flower Farm. We bought flowers at the Farmers Market and assembled the bouquets ourselves. It was a bit stressful when my bridal bouquet was found frozen in the fridge the morning of the wedding, but well worth the effort.

Favors:  Ourselves. My mothers and I made over 200 “B” shaped sugar cookies from a family recipe. It was a challenge to stop eating the “defective” cookies — they were just so delicious!

Wedding Dress:  This is where the indecisiveness crept in. I had originally purchased a dress that I thought I loved. It fit well enough and cost very little. I thought I was fine with that, until I visited the House of Fashion on J Street. While casually perusing the racks, intending to look for bridesmaid dresses, I found the most beautiful Saint Patrick dress. Covered in lace with scalloped edges, the dress made me swoon. It perfectly fit the image I had of everything my wedding dress should be. After briefly dwelling on the impracticality of purchasing another dress, I gave in. Never have I felt more spectacular than I did in that dress.

Sometimes, I put it on just to wash the dishes. It would be a crime to let such a beautiful thing sit in a closet.

Bridesmaid Dresses:  Issac Mizrahi from Target. A simple, strapless plum dress that fell just above the knee. My bridesmaids were relieved and appreciative to only pay $20 for a dress instead of $200. And despite the cliche, they really could wear it again!

Invitations:  Brides Magazine DIY invitations

DJ/Entertainment/Band:  DJ William Walker

Honeymoon location:  Oahu, Hawaii

Any other of your wedding vendor(s) you’d like to call out?  We were big DIYers. All of our suppliers were great.

First Dance Song:  That’s All by Michael Buble. We must have sifted through thirty of our favorites before deciding on a first dance song. When we started practicing dancing, we fell into such as easy rhythm with this song. It was the natural choice. Instead of casting out the others, we used them in other parts of our ceremony and reception.

Any advice you’d give to our readers who are planning their weddings right now?  Consciously remind yourself to slow down. The whole process, including the wedding, goes by so quickly. Cherish the moments as they come.

And don’t feel guilty for getting nervous. For many, this is the first forever decision. It’s not that you’re unconfident about the person you’ve chosen, a marriage is simply that important. Take a deep breath and savor the confidence you’ve placed in this relationship.

Anything that you would have done differently if you were given the chance?  I forgot Micah’s ring 🙁 I felt horribly about it, but we ended up using his dad’s which was very special. It was a chance for Micah and his dad to bond… and cry. It meant a lot to both of them.

Photos courtesy of Jaclyn Photography.

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