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The Couple: Kristina & Christopher

Wedding Date: November 1, 2014

Photography by Angelee Arceo Photography

How did you meet your fiancé( e )? Chris and I met through mutual friends. We lived about an hour and half away from each other. My roommate was dating a friend of his who came to our house on the weekends. Chris tagged along one weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday. From that night on, he continued to take the hour and a half trip with his friend every weekend to see me.

How was the question popped? Chris had planned a weekend trip to his parents cabin in Fall River. We were driving along the delta river roads ( the same roads we have driven back and forth to visit each other for years) and he was complaining that his radio wasn’t working correctly. He pulled over to change his antenna, which I thought was very odd. He asked me to take off his antenna and bring it to his side of the car. When I walked around to the other side, he was on one knee with a ring at sunset in front of the bright yellow bridge.

What type of wedding are you planning? Dish all the details! Our big day will take place at Delta Diamond Farm Event Center, just down the road from where Chris proposed.

We are expecting about 150 of our friends and family to attend our unique and personalized event. Our ceremony will be officiated by my uncle and will take place in the courtyard under the beautiful oak trees. Our colors are navy blue, tan, and creams, with tiny pops of orange. We have seven groomsmen and six bridesmaids, who will be standing by our sides.

The reception will be in the old green barn under the beautiful chandeliers. Cocktail hour will follow the ceremony and will include games and a photo booth on the second floor of the barn. All the design and rentals will be put together by the fabulous Tricia Bass-Mainer from Getting Hitched? Wedding Design and Rentals. Trish is designing custom table runners, place settings, and decor for us that will be a mix of rustic country elegance. Dinner will be a barbecue buffet from Tin Roof in Lodi and we will have two open bars. After dinner, the DJs from Jukebox Music will fill our dance floor in celebration. We are so excited to dance and celebrate with everyone!

If money were no object, what would be your one splurge at your wedding? Our one splurge would be on transportation and accommodations for our family and wedding party. We would rent a fancy hotel for all of us to stay in and limos to drive us to and from the venue.

Are there any questions you would like to ask other engaged couples, newlyweds or wedding vendors? Ask them here and readers will leave comments for you below! We are planning to go to St. Lucia for our honeymoon. What restaurants and activities should we be sure to visit? What airlines have the best rates?

Most overnight accommodations for our guest are about 20 minutes away from our venue on rural river roads. What are some good transportation options for our guest? Shuttles, taxis, etc?

We are planning on an open bar for 150 guests. We have hired bartenders but will be purchasing the alcohol and mixers on our own. What do we need to be sure to purchase and how much of everything should we purchase? Where can we get the best deals?

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Social Media Maven, Aimee Carroll.

Photos courtesy of and copyright Angelee Arceo Photography.

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