A couple weeks ago it was Twilight brides in London holding the world record spotlight. This time, it’s a Romanian design house shattering records with the longest bridal train ever. A two-mile train to be exact.

The Bucharest fashion label hired 10 seamstresses to toil away for 100 days on the project. The imported material alone, including French lace and Italian taffeta, cost around $7,300. That’s not including labor and the dramatic floating runway show. Yes… a hot-air balloon. How else are you going to display a train as long as the width of Manhattan?

A model wearing the dress and train was hoisted into the air outside Bucharest’s Palace of the Parliament, for all the world to see-in particular-The Netherlands. The Dutch country previously held the longest train record at under a mile.

If a real bride were to walk down the aisle in that dress, she’d need a venue the size of four football fields and an entire NFL team of bridesmaids to hold the train. Even if Elizabeth Taylor stitched together all her eight bridal trains and threw in Princess Di’s and lovely Kate’s for fun, she wouldn’t even have come close. Way to go Romania. Now who’s going to top that?

Blog post by Always a Bridesmaid Columnist Darren Elms.

Photos courtesy of Reuters.

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