Welcome back to another installment of Real Weddings Magazine’s Partner Profiles!
Today, we highlight a super sweet couple, Brandon and Kami Storz, from Sound Image Entertainment.  These two are quite the dynamic duo, a fabulous team!  Take it away… you love birds!

Sound Image Entertainment

Tell us a little about your company?  We are a unique and fun husband and wife team who work hard to make each client’s wedding day enjoyable, memorable and stress-free. We offer a variety of services including DJ, MC, Coordination, Ambience lighting and Photo Booths.
When did you establish your business?  Brandon established back in 1996, Kami jumped on board in 2004.
What sets you apart from your competition?  Anyone who has planned an event before would know the importance of planning. We encourage extensive face-to-face planning sessions going over every entertainment and time-line detail. On the wedding day, we offer a two person DJ/MC and Coordination team instead a single DJ or a DJ with an assistant.
Where do you find inspiration?  We find inspiration everywhere:  magazines, networking events, seminars, TV. But we directly get it from each wedding we do. Every one is unique and memorable in its own way.
When you opened shop, what was your promise to your customers?  Our mission at Sound Image Entertainment has always been to provide the highest quality, most reliable and exceptional disc jockey service to the quality conscious client who demands only the very best.
Do you have any hidden talents?  Hmmm… that’s a tough one. Brandon says that Kami’s hidden talents are baking and tap dancing. Kami says Brandon can do anything once and can perfect it. It’s totally unfair. 🙂 He is amazing at carpentry and really enjoys graphic design and making Web sites.
Do you regularly blog? What’s your blog site?  We try to regularly blog, we are really bad sometimes but check us out anyway:   soundimagedjs.com/blog

Above photos by Rachelle Photography

What’s your favorite local restaurant?  Well we have very different tastes but we can always agree on Chinese or Mongolian Bar-B-Q. But Brandon’s favorite is probably Mikuni (or any sushi place) and Kami’s is Weinerschnitzel. (I am a simple soul..)
What’s your favorite local charity?  We don’t have a favorite local charity but we do a Breast Cancer Walk Event every Mother’s Day for the Network of Strength. Brandon DJ’s while Kami and their boys walk in it.
What is your favorite fun thing to do locally?  We are kinda homebodies so we love watching TV but it’s always some sort of wedding show. Platinum Weddings, Ace of Cakes, Whose Wedding is it Anyway. Weddings really are our life. We love doing anything with our boys too, we eat out a lot.
Do you have secret vice or indulgence? What is it?  Brandon is so simple in his needs, anything business I would say is his vice. He loves working. Kami’s… anything with sugar. She could live off sugar, candy, she really loves to bake.
What are you most grateful for in life?  Our family. We have four sweet boys, and they really are our everything.
If you were to plan your own wedding, or re-do your wedding, what elements would be most important to you?  DJ, DUH… jk Brandon Emcee’d our wedding and eventually took over for dancing. (Yeah I know). In all honesty we had such a simple wedding I would have done more for our pictures, I have only a few printed and wish I had more that I liked. I took all that time in looking pretty, making my venue pretty and my pictures were just so-so.
What advice would you can give to brides and grooms getting married today?  Research. A lot of brides and grooms don’t know where to begin and before they start anything they set a budget without researching. Surprise after surprise they had no idea how much things cost. It can be frustrating, overwhelming and very discouraging for them. Research, figure out what you want and how much it costs, then you can plan better and achieve all you want and not have it consume you.
Find out more about Sound Image Entertainment by visiting their Web site!
Lighting photos courtesy of  Sound Image Entertainment

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