The Couple:  Jennifer and Christopher Tredennick
Wedding Date:  October 29, 2011
Photography by Lexigraphics Photography
Tell us a little about you and your beloved:  Christopher is a computer engineer working for Hewlett Packard and I (Jennifer) am a freelance court reporter. We dated for a year and a half before we got engaged, and we are proud to say we planned our wedding in five months.
The story about how we met is pretty fun. Jennifer’s younger sister, Heather White, went to University of the Pacific in Stockton with Christopher. Heather had become friends with several people in Christopher’s fraternity at UOP and eventually befriended Christopher as well. Heather went to visit Christopher at his home in Santa Clara one weekend while she was driving through town where he treated her to – apparently – an absolutely memorable dinner where he prepared cheese meatballs. Heather visited her sister Jennifer a week later and reported with enthusiasm, “Jennifer, I have someone I really would like to introduce you to. He makes amazing meatballs.” Eventually, an introduction was arranged with a gathering of mutual friends, and Christopher and Jennifer were attached from that moment forward. Heather’s inclination was spot-on while trusting her match-making intuition.
What was the most amazing part of your day?  Well, of course, it was spectacular to get to marry a man that I admire, love and respect so much. But one of my favorite and most memorable parts of the wedding was when it came time to feed cake to each other. My husband cut a bite out of the slice we had cut together, and looked at me, and without hesitation, gulped down the piece of cake without a second thought. Christopher is a huge cake enthusiast and actually picked out the flavors for the wedding cake, so it was completely appropriate that he would get so caught up in his enthusiasm about eating cake that he’d forget to feed it to his bride first. When discussed later, Chris exclaimed, “You practice every other part of the wedding, but we never practiced feeding cake to each other. We hardly even talked about it. You can’t really blame me, right?”
What else would you like to share about your big day?  Our mantra for planning our wedding and wedding day was the following:  We have two goals for this wedding: We want to get married and have a really fun party.
We abandoned the goals of perfection for our day and encouraged everyone in our family and bridal party to abandon it also. As long as we ended up married at the end of the day amongst all those we love and adore, that’s all we could hope for. I am so grateful we adopted this attitude and would give every bride and groom the same advice.
Remember that the day is about celebrating the commitment and vows you’re making public, it’s not about the pomp and circumstance, and it will not be perfect. We put our faith and trust into great vendors and a wonderful venue; we delegated our wishes out to friends and family; and our wedding came together so wonderfully and we had SUCH A BLAST! Hold on loosely to the details and perfections, what is important at the end of the day is that you’re married to the love of your life.
I was also so humbled by all the amazing people who were eager to offer up their talents and gifts to help us with our amazing wedding. My mom, Charlene White, and “second mom” Heidi Leveroni spent hours planning and putting together a beautiful candy buffet as a gift to us; two women who have been doing my hair since I was a young girl insisted on offering up their skills for my special day and helped make me and all my loved ones look stunning. A long-time family friend — who works for Renfro’s bridal shop in Placerville and has been doing alterations on all my special-occasion dresses since my eighth grade graduation — did an absolutely spectacular bustling alteration and dress alteration to help me feel beautiful on my perfect day. Christopher’s parents threw an absolutely generous and amazing Texas-style rehearsal dinner for all the bridal and extended families, which ended up being about 100 people in total. The groomsmen and bridesmaids were so supportive and loving, they were drama-free and couldn’t have been more helpful. We are so grateful and humbled about how much love was showered on us, and we are so grateful for everyone’s contributions.

Ceremony & Reception Site, & Caterer:  Lake Natoma Inn. We selected the Lake Natoma Inn in Old Folsom. It was so convenient and we were very happy with our choice. We had about 2/3 of our guests coming from out of town or out of state, so we chose a location where no one would have to drive anywhere for anything. They could stay at the hotel and walk to anything we needed. Old Folsom had a lot of fun fall activities going on during the weekend, and the ambiance of the town, restaurants and shopping was great for everyone. It was so convenient, and no one had to worry about driving anywhere if they didn’t want to. The staff at Lake Natoma Inn were great, and we can’t say enough about how easy they made everything and how reasonably priced they were.
Photographer:  Lexigraphics Photography. We loved working with them. A dear friend of ours recommended them to us, and it was a great recommendation. The fact that they’re a husband-and-wife team made it so easy to work with them because they could divide up on the day of the wedding and work with the groomsmen and bridesmaids. You hardly noticed they were there unless you wanted to talk to them. They were so sweet and supportive, I can’t say enough about them.
Cake:  Cakes by Angie. Our cake was made by Angie Cain, and we got raving reviews about how it was the best cake that people had had at a wedding. It was very moist and so yummy. Our flavors were chocolate chip cake with peanut butter butter cream filling, and white cake with Oreo butter cream filling.
Flowers:  Camino Flower Shop. Dottie was so fun to work with, and you can really see her enthusiasm and artistic abilities shine through her beautiful flower arrangements. I would highly recommend her.
Favors:  I dipped Oreos in chocolate as party favors for my guests. This was a surprisingly uncomplicated process and I really had a lot of fun doing it. It was a very inexpensive way to send party favors with our guests, and it was nice that it had a personal touch to it. We also had a candy bar.
Wedding Dress:  Renfro’s Bridal. All the dresses were so reasonably priced compared to all the other dress shops we’d gone to, and the service was so much better. I did all of my other shopping in Bay Area bridal shops, and the service I got at Renfro’s was so much more genuine and enjoyable.
Bridesmaid Dresses:  David’s Bridal
Hair:  My dear family friends, Lynda Frandsen and Eileen Skates-Gervasi, who are very gifted and talented hair stylists who did a magnificent job on my hair.
Makeup:  My gifted and talented, Whitney Egbert, (we’ve been friends since kindergarten) flew all the way from New York to help me with my makeup, and I had NO CLUE she was coming until I was getting my hair done on my wedding day. I was facing a wall while Lynda was doing my hair and all of a sudden I felt a pair of arms wrap around me and turned around to find my friend had flown in from New York for 48 hours to be at my wedding, and my husband was the only other person that knew about it. It was one of the most amazing surprises that day.
Invitations:  DIY from Vistaprint
DJ/Entertainment/Band:  Function 45. I cannot say enough about our experience with our DJ Steve Schon. We had more people comment on our DJ and how amazing he was than about almost any other part of our wedding. His selections in music were great, and he really took a decent amount of time to get to know Chris and me before our wedding, and he played a huge role in getting the guests up and grooving. He helped make it so much fun, and we are so grateful for what he did for us. Our first dance was literally magical with the creative touch he adds. He had Chris and me record audio messages about our feelings about each other, and then fused the messages throughout the song we chose for our first dance, I was in tears because they were some of the most tender words I’ve ever heard Chris say to me was during that recording. Steve was absolutely professional, and I am happily recommending him out anywhere and everywhere I can. He was worth every penny!
Honeymoon location:  Chris actually planned the whole honeymoon, and we spent a week on an island in Belize. Chris told me what to pack and how long to pack for, and I didn’t find out where our final destination was until we landed in Atlanta for our connecting flight to Belize. We stayed at an all-inclusive island in a thatch hut over the warm water, and we had a spectacular time. We got to snorkel four times, we went on a really fun river cruise, we toured the Mayan ruins, and the food and staff was amazing! The price was extremely reasonable as well.
First Dance Song:  “When You Got A Good Thing” by Lady Antebellum
Anything that you would have done differently if you were given the chance?  We wish we would have had one more hour to dance. We tried to save money by having everything go from 5:30 – 10:00, and Chris and I hardly got to dance at all because we were talking with our guests so much.

Photos courtesy of Lexigraphics Photography.

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