It’s no secret that planning a wedding is a big commitment, and takes lots of time, energy, money, resources and preparation. It’s also no secret that planning your dream wedding can try your patience, strain your relationships with family members and future in-law’s as you work to meet their expectations, and take a toll on you emotionally and physically too.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were able to be a Blissful Bride and not endure this unnecessary suffering and stress that often comes while planning your wedding?!
Jennifer Gilchrist The Blissful Bride Coach would love to support you in having your entire wedding experience – from your Engagement to the Big Day – be a dream come true by helping you feel like a Blissful Bride!  Below are her top 5 tips for feeling Blissful throughout your engagement!
Bliss Tip 1: When planning your wedding, make self-care a priority! If you don’t, you will be a ball of stress and unable to enjoy anything….which often leads to weight gain, break outs, anxiety and lack of energy! Balance is the key to making clear decisions and enjoying what I know you want to be the happiest time of your life. Planning your dream day, which ultimately is setting the tone for your next chapter in life, is a huge deal, and self care needs to be part of the process!
Bliss Tip 2: Be prepared to stand up for what you want! Brides often cave to others expectations and demands because they want to avoid drama and keep the peace. Be sure to stand up for what you want when planning your dream wedding. If you don’t stand up for what you want, you’re going to end up spending a lot of money planning someone else’s dream wedding.
Bliss Tip 3: Know what you’re not willing to compromise on! When it comes to planning your own dream wedding, write down your most important desires (your non-negotiables) and write down one action step you can take to ensure that you’ll not compromise on this.
Bliss Tip 4: Know what to do to relieve stress when it starts to show up! I’ve noticed it is an accepted belief to most brides that when you are planning your wedding it is inevitable that you will have meltdowns and be totally stressed out!  The truth is, meltdowns can be avoided if you change your pattern. Journaling can be a great way to prevent bridal meltdowns.
Take a minute and think of a time when you were cranky, irritated or angry. Journal answers to these questions. How did that make you feel? Really get to the feeling place (not the specific situation). What is the core issue that is triggering these feelings? What would be the most empowering response here? If there is something to take action on, write that down so you can begin to deal with it.
Bliss Tip 5: Ask for help! A big problem I see is that brides often feel they can’t ask for help.  That can look like micromanaging others out of fear “others will mess it up and not do it right?”  Truth is there is way too much to do on your own. It is absolutely vital to get the support you need!
To get started, think of 3 things you didn’t have to deal with by yourself. What are 3 things you know you need support with? What is really causing you angst and keeping you up at night?  Now, make  a list of the things that came up for you and circle your top stressor. Write down who or what you need to get support with on this and then ask for it.
Did you find these 5 Blissful Bride Tips helpful? Comment below with the tips you plan to start using throughout your wedding planning experience.
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