Lanolin is a natural moisturizer found on the wool of sheep. The elements within the lanolin help sheep keep their coat protected all year. In humans, the molecular structure of lanolin mimics skin lipids, so the designers of Lano thought it would make the perfect all natural moisturizer for skin, lips, and just about anywhere in need of a little TLC. I got my hands – and lips – on some Lano products to see if it could cure my dry winter woes.

101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm

This pure lanolin balm is 100% natural and 100% amazing. It claims to have 101 uses including helping dry cuticles, cracked heels, keeping eyebrows in place, windburn, and a lot, lot more. It is super dense and seals in moisture to do exactly what it claims. I happened to have some embarrassing cuticles at the time, and the 101 ointment worked magic almost immediately. Hello instant manicure! It is a must-have for any woman’s purse and would make a great bridesmaid gift.

Lemonaid Lip Treatment

I am a sucker for chap sticks, lip balms, lip-gloss, lipstick, etc. You name it, if it’s made for lips, I probably own it, which makes me a connoisseur, I’m sure. This 99% natural, 1% shimmer lip treatment is perfection. The rich, creamy whipped lanolin with organic lemon oil feels so good going on and leaves lips with the perfect touch of sheen. I love that it not only works to moisturize dryness, it naturally exfoliates to prevent future dryness. A side note: The directions for use are so cute! “Step 1: Apply to lips as needed. Step 2: Smile.” Done and done.

Rose Hand Cream Intense

With cold and flu season in full effect, I find myself washing my hands any chance I get. Clean hands often mean dry hands, until this gem arrived. Triple lanolin, paired with rose oil creates a thick, powerful cream that also smells gorgeous. This intense cream can also be used as a foot cream.

Lanolin has been a part of the skin and beauty industry for quite some time, but Lano knocks it out of the park with their adorable packaging, amazing scents and commitment to staying free from artificial fragrances, parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil and sulfates, and of course never tested on animals.

For more information about Lano, log on to And, make sure to check out their awesome products at Whole Foods Market, Nordstrom, Ulta and Free People.

Photos courtesy of Lano.

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