Wedding details can be hard to sort out. There are so many of them and sometimes just not enough brainpower to execute them as originally planned.

Below are a few suggestions for easy wedding favors. No matter the favor, your guests will appreciate a tiny sentiment to show your thanks.

1. Nature Nate’s Honey Packets

These guys are a great form of natural sugar that can top yogurt, be mixed in to hot tea, or act as an energy boost mid-bike ride. Use a piece of twine to tie a note of thanks on top.












2. Fiddyment Farms Pistachio Gift Tins

A snack that guests can enjoy on their way home from your celebration is a generous gesture, especially when preference is taken into account. Let your guests choose their flavor: lightly salted, barbeque, chili lime and more!




















3. Succulents from Green Acres

Succulents are one wedding trend I won’t tire of. These beautiful and easy-to-care-for plants can also act as escort cards, add a great, easy decor element, and make for great photos.












4. Customized Foil Word Cut-Out

Our friends at Swoonable can make almost anything and that includes word cut-outs that act as an escort card and a unique favor for guests. Who doesn’t want their name in shiny cursive?!