The pressure to look – and feel – your best at your wedding can be pretty overwhelming. The stress of it all can really take its toll on your skin and hair. Our friend from Lea Buehler BGorgeous has some tips to help brides achieve their best look for their big day.

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Take Care of Yourself

Leading up to the big day all the focus seems to be on the day itself and a lot of brides (and grooms) lose sight of themselves through the planning process. Maintaining a healthy diet, fitness and beauty routine will not only give you motivation to plan well, but will keep you looking and feeling your best.

Lea says, “Drink water throughout the day and eat all your fruits and veggies. This not only helps your skin, but your hair and nails too. Plus, what bride doesn’t need more energy to get everything done?”

Leave the Eyebrows to the Experts

We love the DIY trend for almost all things wedding related. Eyebrow shaping, however, should never be DIY. Lea explains that “Eyebrows frame your face,” so treat them with care by letting the experts work their magic.

Pearly Whites

A bright white smile is the perfect bridal accessory. Lea offers this safe, easy and cheap recipe for brightening your smile.

Mix together a little toothpaste, one teaspoon baking soda, and one teaspoon peroxide with a half teaspoon of water. Brush your teeth with the mixture for no more than two minutes once a week until you have reached your desired results.

Just like every other aspect of your wedding, plan for your look far enough in advance that you can make it happen. Do you need to grow your hair? Do you need to get a spray tan? Do you need to amp up your fitness routine? At the very least, remember to take care of you and you will look and feel amazing.

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Photo courtesy of Lea Buehler BGorgeous by Monica S Photography.

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