Who does not love Chipotle? The casual dining spot has been a staple in many people’s diet for many years, but for Nat and Chris, it has been a staple in their relationship.

Photos by True Love Photo, truelovephoto.com.

The couple started dating when Nat was a freshman in high school and Chris was sophomore. Given their young age, going on dates was tricky both financially and logistically. Chipotle was often an easy choice because they both liked it, it was inexpensive, and they were everywhere. Soon, Chipotle became not only their go-to date night spot, but also their place to work through fights, experience near break-ups, and eventually just to meet up once they had moved away for college.

As their third two-year dating anniversary approached (yes, they had their share of breakups and makeups), Nat’s friends started questioning her about when Chris might be proposing. They were headed to Disneyland soon and her friends asked if she thought he would propose there. Nat said, “It wouldn’t mean anything there. We have no connection to Disneyland.” So, her friends joked that he should probably propose at Chipotle.

Meanwhile, Chris had started thinking about proposing. He is extremely romantic and put a lot of thought into capturing a moment that was purely fitting to their relationship. He thought about the beautiful areas surrounding Sacramento like Yosemite and Tahoe, but neither place seemed right. He then thought about Midtown since they’re both from the Sacramento area, but again, it lacked significance. That’s when it hit him: It had to be Chipotle.

He started researching ways to get Chipotle involved in the proposal. He happened upon a YouTube video, which lead him to a higher-up at Chipotle, who got PR involved and the next thing he knew, he was working closely with Chipotle to create the perfect proposal.

Given that Chipotle is casual dining, Nat tends to wear her favorite leggings and Cal Poly sweatshirt there, which Chris knew would not be the look she would want for the proposal, so he plotted a way for her to get a bit more dressed up (he’s a keeper for sure!). He said he wanted to celebrate their anniversary by starting the day at their favorite coffee shop and ending the day at their favorite restaurant (Chipotle) with a wine tasting adventure in between (the reason to dress up). Throughout the day, Chris kept passing Nat notes he had written (swoon), so when they were at the wineries, she just knew that’s where he was going to propose. She even alluded to the idea of a proposal. Chris made up a story of why he wasn’t proposing that day to throw her off, and she was pretty disappointed. She went to the restroom, cried for a moment, and then remembered she was having an amazing day with the love of her life, so she returned to continue the celebration.

When they ended the day at Chipotle, she walked in thinking it was just another dinner at Chipotle. Little did she know that Chipotle had brought in extra staff to hold tables, the district manager was there, they hired a photographer, there were ‘She Said Yes’ balloons waiting to be revealed, Chipotle had brought in an elaborate cake, and both sides of their families were hiding, eager to pop out. Chris and Nat sat at a table and Chris slipped her another poem. Their favorite song played through the speakers, Chris got down on one knee and the Chipotle engagement came to light.

Adorable proposal! But what we really want to know is: Will Chipotle be catering the wedding?

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s writer, Kelley Saia.

Photos by True Love Photo.

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