When it comes to beauty trends in this new decade, brides are opting for a more natural look. Melissa Oretta, creator of All Dolled Up Hair and Makeup Artistry, tells us that fresh is in!

Oretta says, “With the arrival of 2020, we are seeing skin take center stage! Brides are letting their natural beauty shine through and ditching heavier matte finishes, matte lips and strong contouring and bringing some freshness and life back to their look. We are seeing a lot of focus on lash lines, fluffy lashes, feathered brows, glowing skin and glossy lips.

Sarah Maren Photography/Real Weddings Magazine

We’re also seeing this more relaxed approach cross over into hair with up-dos that are piece-ier and undone, focusing on more natural volume and simple details versus the curly, braided styles that dominated in years past. The ponytail is definitely starting to have a moment again, too.

Jennifer Clapp Photography/Real Weddings Magazine

Marysville Wedding | Modern Country Wedding | Sarah Maren Photography

Sarah Maren Photography/Real Weddings Magazine

Overall, we’re really seeing brides focus on wanting to customize their look so they capture their best version of themselves! They’re looking for artists and stylists they connect with, and they want their bridal beauty to be as personal as their event, and as unique as their every day vibes.”

Melissa Oretta

All Dolled Up Hair and Makeup Artistry  |  alldolleduphairandmakeup.com

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Fresh and natural? Sign us up for that! We love celebrating real brides and we love seeing them celebrate themselves too.

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Blog Writer Kelley Saia.

Photos by Jennifer Clapp Photography, Sarah Maren Photography and Ty Pentecost Photography/copyright Real Weddings Magazine.

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