How did you meet?

We attended the same high school and secretly had a crush on each other, but neither of us ever made a move. Then as luck would have it, years later a mutual friend invited us both to a party where we began getting to know one another. Through our early conversations we found out we would be taking the same creative writing class, however years into the relationship Gerardo admitted that he had changed his class schedule to take it with Abby because he knew she was his dream girl, and the rest is history.


Our overall goal was to have a fun and memorable day—we wanted it to be as stress-free as possible. With a lot of help from our wedding planners, venue owners and family, we were able to have a clear plan set in place; so on the day of the wedding, we were able to be in the moment and enjoy every minute of our special day.

How did the planning go?

The wedding planning was a breeze. We got all our vendors fairly quickly in the early portion of our planning. Our favorite part about planning was seeing everything fall into place. We had a timeline meeting with our planners and I think that is the moment it all became real and what made us even more excited for our wedding.

Memorable Moment

Three days before our wedding, we decided we wanted to choreograph our first dance. We spent countless hours coming up with all of the moves and it was so much fun! On the day of our wedding, as the time got closer for our first dance, we started getting really nervous. But, as the song started, we were able to remember all of our steps and had a lot of fun with it—our guests really enjoyed it too!

Favorite Detail

Our music choices were such a huge part of our day for us. We spent months and months making sure we chose the perfect songs for all of our special moments throughout the day. So when we heard those carefully picked out songs it just brought everything together perfectly.  Abby is a teacher and she had her former and current class draw pictures that we framed and placed down the aisle. It was such a sweet detail to look at as we walked down the aisle.

Funny Moment

During the garter toss, Gerardo danced before taking off the garter and I wasn’t expecting that. It was so fun and really got the guests hyped up! When Abby threw her bouquet it went a full football field-length and then some. The DJ was even impressed and with laughter said “Holy smokes”! Everyone’s face was in shock and laughter ensued because it went so far.

Gerardo’s Best Part

The resolution of finally getting to see Abby walk down the aisle. The build up—not seeing her the night before, doing a first touch instead of a first look, the private reading of our personal vows and taking photos nearby knowing she’s in the room 15 feet away—was all worth the wait when I got to see the most beautiful person in her incredible dress walking down the aisle to me.

Abby’s Best Part

The best part of the day for me was finally getting to see Gerardo. We chose to do a first touch, instead of a first look, and we read our private vows to each other. It was so hard to listen to his heartfelt vows and not be able to hug him after! So when the moment came for me to walk down the aisle to him I was overcome with so much love and happiness you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!


What do you think guests will remember most about your wedding?

To this day we still get told by people who attended our wedding how beautiful it was and how much love they could feel between us. They also tell us how much fun they had and that was our biggest goal for our guests.

Advice from the couple:

Our biggest advice to couples planning their wedding would be to make a clear plan for the day for everyone involved, wedding vendors, wedding party and family, so that they know where they need to be and when. Having those things planned ahead of time will make the day of so much less stressful and will help you be able to be in the moment and enjoy it.