Adelina and Rex first met in 2014 at her housewarming party. He was her roommate’s brother. While there was a mutual attraction, at first, she declined because she had a rule against dating her friends’ brothers. They ran into each other a few months later at an event, where they “danced, laughed and talked almost until the break of dawn.”

They dated for three years before getting engaged during a vacation in Italy. A year later, they married at Our Lady of Peace in Santa Clara. He’s Catholic and she’s spiritual. “In having our wedding at Our Lady of Peace, Adelina was able to also appreciate the divine feminine that was present at the church helping her feel more at ease,” says Rex.

The couple, who had a 12-person wedding party, embraced the opportunity to include their loved ones in the ceremony, including the wedding march, readings of prayers and a unity candle. They also had Filipino traditions including the veil, cord and coins, which were brought down the aisle by their sponsors.

The outdoor reception was ideal for the outdoorsy couple. Their 180 guests dined on steak, chicken and pasta, as well as cake and lots of desserts, like cookies with love bird designs as well as Rex’s fave treat, s’mores! During cocktails, they played cornhole, which was handmade by a groomsman.

“Adelina did a wonderful job of blending our styles,” he says. “Everything simply came together to make a truly magical day for both of us.”

During dinner, Adelina and Rex went to the altar in a private area behind the sweetheart table where they knelt and offered their ancestors food on charger plates, with the names of the respective deceased. “This was important to us because we know we would not be where we are today, with the privileges we have without the love, support, and sacrifices of those who came before us,” says Rex.

The day’s details were inspired by the couple’s loved ones: the candelaria on the sweetheart table sat on Adelina’s grandmother’s dinner table for decades, and Rex’s sister sung the first dance song, which a groomsman played on guitar. “Everywhere we looked, we not only saw the faces of our loved ones, but felt their support and encouragement through everything we touched and did that day,” says Adelina.

Having her groom actively involved in the wedding planning was a positive for the bride, “It really helped us learn how to accept each other and love one another’s differences even more,” says Adelina. “And in the end our wedding was beautiful because we both had a say.”

She’s still glowing about the big day: “I enjoyed every moment, and for that I am forever grateful.” 

—Kristen Castillo

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