How did you meet?

We met through his family members on social media.

When did you get engaged, and how?

We got engaged hiking in Lake Tahoe.


I didn’t have any expectations. The most important thing to me was being able to spend time with Jason and to have fun.

How did the planning go?

I honestly hated it. I wish I had a wedding planner to help take the stress off so that I could have enjoyed the process instead of ‘managing’ it.

How would you describe the ceremony?

The ceremony was good. Something unique was that my shoes were lace up, and they came untied during my walk down the aisle, so I stood there with my shoe untied the whole ceremony. Then when we were walking out from the ceremony it came off and Jason just took it and threw it to the side.

Allie’s Favorite Detail

Making a lot of decorations by hand. It meant a lot to be able to look at them and think that I put them together.

Biggest Challenge

Not trying to listen to everyone else’s opinions about how they want to see your wedding.

Memorable Moment

Seeing all our families get together for the first time.

Funny Moment

My officiant said the wrong name for my husband during the ceremony.

What was the best part of your day?

The best part was getting to be married to each other. The day goes by in the blur but that was our biggest takeaway. Now we are expecting in May!

What do you think guests will remember most about your wedding?

Having fun and celebrating Jason and I.

Advice from the couple:

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy everything that’s put together. We got pulled in all different directions and we hardly got to enjoy the venue or our decorations. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment.