I wanted the day to be as low-stress and laid-back as possible; I wanted our closest friends to spend the day getting ready with us, but I didn’t want them to have to worry about matching outfits or getting there at certain times or taking pictures, so we decided not to have a bridal party. I also desperately wanted the light teepee! It was quite the endeavor, but my dad luckily knew someone who was able to place a telephone pole in our back yard, and he and Mike engineered a system to get the lights to the top and string them from wire connected to poles surrounding the telephone pole.

How would you describe the ceremony? Was there anything specific that made it unique to you as a couple?

The ceremony was absolutely perfect. My brother officiated and he did an amazing job making it sweet, just the right amount of funny and sentimental moments and tailored specifically to us. The ceremony took place in front of the pond, which was a new addition to the property, and under the Sycamore trees that were a huge draw to us buying the property. It felt extra special to be saying our ‘I do’s’ on the land that we purchased just a year before. And we will forever be able to look out our home window and see the spot where we became husband and wife.

Biggest Challenge

Since we were planning to do everything ourselves, the biggest challenge was trying to think of everything we would need for our big day. We weren’t at a venue that would have the details lined up for us, so we had to think of every possible scenario that could possibly pop up.

What was the best part of your day?

Analise: For me the best part of the day was walking down the aisle and seeing my soon-to-be husband standing in front of our beautiful property backdrop that we had worked so tirelessly to create. The morning, as much as I tried to prevent it, was chaos and emotional and a lot of anticipation. When I saw his face, the stress melted away and I knew it would all be okay and this is what it was all for.

Michael: Marrying the love of my life in front of family and friends, many of which helped to create our dream venue at which we celebrated. At one point, when everyone was celebrating, we took a few steps back to take in all the sights; friends and family conversing, enjoying delicious food, and dancing. All our hard work seemed to have paid off and then some and we got to enjoy it together.

Favorite Detail

The best detail of our wedding was the fact that we didn’t need a lot of details because it was all taking place on the property we purchased a year before. We created the wedding using just our imagination – so much hard work and a lot of helping hands.

Looking back, what do you think your guests will remember most about your wedding?

I think the food truck was definitely a highlight of the night! The food was amazing and it was all you could eat. I have heard multiple people mention it.

Advice from the couple:

We actually have some friends who are planning to have their wedding on our property next year which is extremely flattering, so I have been trying to think of what I will tell them. I would say not to stress about tiny details, and to involve other people in the planning so that you can delegate as much as possible. The day of the wedding, I was the only one that knew where everything was, how everything should look ,and it was a bit overwhelming getting everything together the couple days before.

Anything you would have done differently?

I would have figured out a way to hire someone for the day-of set up. My friends and my family were setting up the last minute details and I wish they could have just enjoyed themselves more that morning. However, that’s kind of the price you pay for a DIY, budget wedding!