Often our soulmate is only one degree of separation away from us. Angela and Kevin were lucky enough to be set up for their first date by a mutual friend. “We hit it off right away, spending much of the evening discussing music, interests in traveling and our goals,” says Angela. They delved into a long distance relationship for a while but soon Kevin moved to be closer to Angela.

When Kevin proposed to Angela, it was on a surprise helicopter ride over San Francisco. As they flew over many of their favorite date spots and  memorable locations, Angela enjoyed the romantic view and exhilarating experience. She describes the moment Kevin proposed to her as they sailed through the skies, “I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and casually said, ‘Yeah babe?’ and there he was on one knee with a beautiful box and a beautiful diamond solitaire.”

A natural born planner, Angela took on much of the wedding coordination herself, with help from her cousin and soon-to-be sister-in-law. She and Kevin wanted an intimate and timeless feel to their wedding, carefully planning each aspect from the guest list to the seating assignments to their vows. “We are a simple couple, so we didn’t want to overdo certain areas of the ceremony.”

Angela says, “We always knew we wanted to get married at a winery, as most of our anniversaries have always been spent at one.” The décor of the wedding was coordinated to the fall season and the naturally occurring colors that accompany it. She adds, “I knew I wanted deep greens, and a few select stems that were deep reds and purples, but other than that very neutral and soft.”

The couple hoped for the true emotions of their love, along with their connection to and admiration for each other, to be reflected in their wedding day. Angela says that the couple’s first look was the most memorable part of the wedding day for her. She describes it as, “very emotional, but at the same time so special to get to share that moment just us.”

Angela and Kevin say being married has deepened their relationship. “We just truly feel as though we are one, and that we are one another’s biggest supporter, best friend and motivator.” They were able to take their time to establish themselves as a wedded couple during their three-and-a-half week honeymoon through Europe. “We could not have planned a better way to start off as Mr. and Mrs. than to go see the world together.”

— Abigail Blank