For Angie and Nick, their wedding had been in the making for nearly a decade. The couple met in 2003 when they both worked at Hard Rock Café and attended California State University, Sacramento.

“I guess you could say that it was an extremely long courtship,” Angie says, of their nine years together prior to tying the knot. “During those years we accomplished a lot together, including graduating from college, purchasing a home and having two beautiful daughters, Lola and Finley.”

For Nick, he knew that Angie would be his wife someday. “I had known my wife was the one almost immediately. Her beauty was something that drew me to her, and then realizing that her personality was unlike anyone I had met before is what kept me intrigued,” he says. He proposed on Easter in 2008 by hiding the ring in an Easter egg that Angie found during an egg hunt. The couple was engaged for four years.

“We got serious about planning about a year ahead of time,” Angie recalls. “I spent most of my time creating personal handmade items for the wedding, such as table runners, chalkboard signage, favor tags and hand-painted Mason jar votives.” From the start, Angie had a clear vision of her dream wedding.

“I love rustic and modern elements. I tried to create a very intimate feeling with many handmade details that would leave a lasting impression on our guests,” the bride says.

Nick knew that he had to have faith in his wife to follow through with her vision, even if at times he couldn’t quite see it. “I had to trust that when she brought home a birdcage and she had a vision of it being a card holder, that it was important to her—and by default, important to me,” he says. “Her decorating is a force to be reckoned with.”

For their wedding, the couple agreed on two things: first, food was “of the utmost importance,” and second, they didn’t want to incorporate typical traditions into their big day. “Mulvaney’s B&L was the perfect backdrop for our modern, intimate affair,” Angie says. “It was my first and only venue choice. It felt quaint, inviting and special. We pretty much avoided all traditions. We didn’t have a first dance or a cake cutting. Our guests stood around us during our ceremony and sipped Champagne. And we opted for a dessert buffet instead of a wedding cake. But for us, it was perfect!”

The wedding was well worth the wait for Angie and Nick. “All the pieces of the puzzle were finally being put together,” Nick says. “All of my friends and family were present. The ceremony was short and sweet—let’s be honest, the ceremony is the business side of the wedding. The true fun, and the reason that people enjoy weddings, is always the party that follows the ceremony, and the party was amazing!”

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