Sacramento Weddings

Arielle and Adam’s wedding was in the stars. They married in front of 30 guests on a Monday at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel. The date wasn’t random either.

“Adam and I researched our numerology charts as individuals and together to find the best dates to wed,” says Arielle, noting it’s best to marry on a full moon—they married the day before the full moon. “We looked to the skies for guidance. The planets are powerful beings, and we wanted the best energies for our day.”

Coincidently, Arielle was born on a Monday. “Marriage is truly the birth of a new and better version of myself,” she says. “I’d like to think the universe had their hand in the date as well.”

The couple, who met through Adam’s nephews, dated four years before getting engaged. Two years into dating, Arielle had moved to Idaho to live with Adam.

They decided to marry in California, close to the majority of their friends and family. Still, distance was a big challenge, as Arielle and Adam lived 600 miles from the wedding destination.

Another stressor? Adam’s job. “Being a wildland firefighter and having fire season during the heart of the planning” was tough. He wasn’t available to attend planning appointments and often had no cell service. “We even had to cancel the engagement shoot.”

With Arielle’s great planning, however, wedding details worked out. “I saw it as her day; it should be exactly as she wanted it,” says Adam. “She did a wonderful job—it was perfect.”

The wedding was untraditional including not having a wedding party and Arielle walking down the aisle by herself. The bride’s best friend, Kelly, who was the officiant, helped the couple write the ceremony using “viking, pagan and wiccan” content.

Arielle had planned to use her nana’s ring as her wedding ring, but she accidentally lost it months before the wedding. During the ceremony, Adam surprised his bride with a replica of the ring. “I am truly lucky to have such a thoughtful and loving husband,” gushes Arielle.

The couple had a handfasting ceremony to bind themselves together before their God. Arielle made the handfasting cord by knotting the strands repeatedly and weaving the intent of their love.  “The strands, like ourlives, were intertwined,” she says, describing how each color and cardinal direction have meaning, such as pink for unity, honor and romance; and fire for the spark of passionate love.

The couple did a first look photo session, which Arielle calls, “a very precious moment.” They held hands and stared deeply at each other. “Seeing my big, tough, hunk of a husband so emotional over seeing me was incredibly uplifting and validating,” says Arielle.

While Adam cried, he felt at ease too. “As soon as I saw her I felt a wall of peacefulness, sort of knowing on a deep level that everything was right,” he says. “It was spiritual and beautiful. I’m thankful for that experience.”

— Kristen Castillo