Ash and Sam met through mutual friends on a river float down the Mokelumne River. “A friend and I fell behind, and Sam held on to my foot and pulled me until the end of the float,” she remembers. “We talked the entire time.” A few years later, they would get engaged in Lake Tahoe while taking a scenic winter walk. 

The pair had very few expectations for their wedding. “We just wanted everyone to have fun, even kids,” Ash says. “Our wedding was very kid-friendly.” But they did have one request on dessert. “We knew we wanted pie!”

Ash was thankful for the help of her “awesome” maid of honor, Desiree. “Our favorite time was probably the food tastings,” the bride shares. “The food was amazing and the cakes and pies were delicious.

The couple exchanged vows during a sunlit afternoon in the company of their closest friends and family. “Our arch was unique,” Ash says. “We stood under two ladders that were decorated with succulents and two special knobs, one of Wonder Woman and one of Batman. They were small and we doubt anyone saw them but we knew they were there.” The bride also wore glittery Wonder Woman wedges and Sam sported customized Converse with Batman symbols and colors.

The outdoor ceremony surrounded guests with fountains, sunflower and rose gardens and strings of lights. The reception that followed was held under a draped tent lit by chandeliers. “Needless to say, it was breathtaking,” Ash says. But the most memorable moment for the couple was the cake cutting. “I did a smash and run,” she laughs. “Sam, of course, got me back, but at the end of the night when our friends smashed another piece in his face, it was epic!” The cake also featured their signature superheroes as the toppers.

Ash’s favorite part of the day was when the party started. “The deed was done and it was time for shots and celebration,” she says. But Sam reminisces about the end of the reception. “All of our friends were dancing in a circle together,” the groom recalls fondly. “Just like old times.” 

—Darren Elms