Given their love of nature, it might not be surprising that even the heavens participated in the wedding of Bri and Nate. Though they didn’t realize it when they chose the day, an annular solar eclipse occurred simultaneous to their ceremony. “One of my bridesmaids was so excited,” Bri says, “that she went to a dozen stores to buy the solar eclipse glasses so that everyone could see it right after the ceremony.”

The couple met while working for the same event management firm. It was only Bri’s second or third week on the job when Nate came to town for an event to which both were assigned. “I fell in love with her instantly,” Nate says. He loved everything about her: her personality, her demeanor, her eyes, and the way she carried herself. It took Bri a little longer to react, but she liked him from the start and knew it was something that would last a long time. Where she was unhurried, Nate was relentless and persevered even when he felt discouraged. About a year and a half later, they began their relationship long distance, and Bri traveled to Michigan to visit Nate on his birthday for their first date.

After Nate moved to California, some of their best times together occurred at Lake Tahoe, where they snowboarded and played in the powder with their blue-eyed, husky/malamute dog, Nanuq. And, it was in Tahoe that Nate proposed. He took Bri out to dinner, where he intended to propose, but the restaurant was disappointing, so he waited until they returned to the hotel that he had booked for them. “We had some Champagne, and as soon as I popped the cork, I got down on one knee,” Nate says.

With the decision made, the couple turned their attention to the nuptials, set to take place 13 months later. Bri carried out most of the planning, with assistance from Patty, one of the owners at The Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee. The couple’s love of the outdoors had a lot to do with their choice of venue. “We love the mountains, Tahoe and nature,” Bri says. “We wanted our wedding and the pictures to reflect that.” The perfect setting enhanced the images; they chose Charleton Churchill as their photographer because they felt his unique style and ability to capture real and beautiful moments would be a great asset.

Though most of Bri’s family lives in Arizona, and Nate’s in Michigan, the two involved them as much as possible. Bri’s mother participated in the food tasting and also helped with her dress fitting. Bri’s brother officiated and helped them prepare their vows. One of Nate’s brothers was the best man and another, one of the groomsmen.

When reflecting back on their wedding day, the bride says, “It was our day, and it was perfect to us…filled with the people who love us most.”

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