You are the best part of me, croons the voice in Casey and Nick’s wedding video. Scenes of them looking at each other with dreamy eyes and soft smiles flit in and out of the screen as you’re taken on a journey into their romantic wedding. Sunlight filters in through the trees and dream catchers sway in the wind as vows are exchanged and tears are shed.

Their love story began when the two laid eyes on each other at a bar, and Nick was talking to Casey’s mom. “When I walked in to get her, Nick and I locked eyes. I will never forget that moment; it was so powerful,” recounts Casey. “We started talking and exchanged numbers. I texted her one minute after she left,” remembers Nick. From then on, they were inseparable.

From the start, it seemed marriage was in the cards and written amongst the stars. “We had always talked about getting married and having kids. The night he proposed, I had just gotten back from my grandparents’ house; my grandpa had not been doing that well. We were lying in bed with our dogs talking about how short life is and how it’s so special to have love in your life. It was late at night, and we were hugging and crying and he asked me in the most genuine, organic, loving way. My heart has never felt that way before…so full,” says Casey.

What followed was a bohemian, Midsummer Night’s Dream-inspired wedding in Casey’s grandma’s backyard that had everything from swings, colorful friendship bracelets and personal horoscopes, to love and life quotes in a gumball machine. Doors leading to “love,” “joy” and “wisdom” adorned the landscape, while stairs built by Nick led guests from one level to the next. According to Casey, their wedding was eclectic and whimsical; there were kids, dogs and lots of dancing. “It was like a music festival where you could be you,” she says. At the end of the night, the couple stopped the music, shut off the lights (except for the bliss lights), and asked their guests to sit on the dance floor, under the stars, and look up at the sky in silence. “At that moment, I looked over at Casey and realized I was the luckiest man, and that I loved her to the moon and back,” says Nick.

“Nick is the most amazing soul I have ever met. I truly think he was put on this earth to make people happy and help others. Something was missing in life for me, until I met him…I have always felt that he is not my better half, but the soul that made me realize I was whole” says Casey.

The air that I breathe, my missing piece, wasn’t complete before you, continues the song in the video…perfectly describing the union of these two kindred spirits.

—Tara Mendanha