How did you both meet?

We met working together during medical residency at the San Francisco General Hospital.

How did planning go?

Honestly, the planning went great. We worked with amazing and easy vendors. We were able to divide the planning work to play to our strengths and were both very involved.


Full Belly Farm was incredible!  They did the food, the flowers, and everything in between; working with them was a delight.

Memorable Moment

All of our toasts were touching, funny and meaningful. At the end of the night, some of our guests also decided to camp out with us under the stars at the farm. A few friends brought guitars and we stayed up singing and celebrating, and even sabered some champagne.

Favorite Detail

The incredible flowers everywhere. There were flowers thrown after the ceremony (instead of rice) and on every table. The fact that they came straight from the fields next to the reception made them even more special. Honestly, the fact that everything really came from Full Belly Farm was really remarkable. Incredible pasta made with flour milled near by, veggies roasted in the pizza oven next to the dance floor, and a whole melon bar fresh from the farm that morning. It felt personal and almost familial in its intimacy and closeness. I (Carolyn) also have to mention how cool it was to see Cass’s ceramics on the table and art designs incorporated into the menu and paper goods. That was really neat.

What was the best part of your day?

Carolyn: Everything was magical, but I think my favorite part was the end of the night—when everything was winding down. Everyone’s shoes were off after dancing, and Cass and I were just walking through the olive grove under the stars to wind down, basking in the afterglow of an incredible day.

Cassidy: I loved the private moments right after we got married and before we went to the reception. We were supposed to do more photos, but instead we took a few minutes to ourselves hidden in the walnut grove which felt intimate and perfect.

Advice from the couple:

Play to your strengths and split up the work evenly. Just make sure to save something about the day just for you.