For their wedding, Cassidy, known by friends as “C-Bass,” and Ian, a.k.a. “America” to his friends, didn’t have a theme in mind. Fortunately, their part country, part outdoorsy and part glam wedding was everything the duo hoped for during their 11-month engagement.

Cassidy and Ian met in college, though they lost touch after graduation. As fate would have it, their shared passion for country music brought them back together after unexpectedly running into each other at a concert, and they started dating immediately after that night. This time, they didn’t lose contact, and the two became engaged after Ian proposed to Cassidy in Kauai, Hawaii. Cassidy was surprised enough to hear somewhat shy Ian suggest they take a selfie together on the beach, and even more surprised when he pulled out a ring and popped the question.

The two knew that they wanted a creative wedding, since they were mixing several themes and ideas as well as plenty of DIY projects. They were frustrated with trying to find a venue until they visited The Maples, which gave them plenty of flexibility in planning their celebration. “No two weddings at The Maples are the same,” says Cassidy. “And every inch of the property is absolutely stunning.” They decided to blend rustic, natural and outdoorsy elements, which blended into the high-end but authentically “C-Bass and America” themed wedding they imagined.

The duo invited 230 guests, and nearly all of them showed up for the mid-summer wedding. Fortunately, Cassidy had plenty of assistance from Ian’s aunts and mother for the many DIY projects she took on to support the large celebration, including the grape leaf wreaths on every table: a nod to Ian’s profession as a grape-grower. Cassidy’s welder brother chipped in, too, creating the arch adorned with flowers under which they married.

Despite the stresses of wedding planning, both Cassidy and Ian felt a similar sensation when they arrived at the altar to say their vows—but it wasn’t butterflies “There were a lot of feelings but the one that stood out to me was a sense of calm because I knew I was making the right decision,” says Ian. The feeling was almost exactly the same for Cassidy. “I felt a sense of peace knowing that Ian would love and care for me for the rest of my life,” she says.

The couple find it hard to pick out just one moment that meant the most to them, though Cassidy recalls how much she enjoyed the pre-wedding pampering and Champagne bottle-popping with her bridesmaids. But the couple both recall one particular moment in which they knew their guests were getting into the country spirit. “When the DJ announced the last song,” says Cassidy, “everyone formed this massive circle, dancing and singing along. Everyone had American flag bandanas handy and started waving them over their heads. Definitely a memory for the books!”

—Suzie Dundas