Sacramento Weddings

Horse trainer Christa advertised to lease part of her ranch out to whomever was interested. What she didn’t advertise for was a husband. Luckily for her though, she got both in Jason, also a horse trainer. “When we first met, it was strictly business,” Christa says, but that didn’t last long. “Within a month of being around each other, we could finish each other’s thoughts. From there it was like we were meant to find each other,” Jason says.

He had another proposition for her on New Year’s Eve—how about they get married? Luckily, she managed to say yes before the clock struck midnight. “We had discussed marriage, and he had said before 2014 was over we would be engaged. True to his word—and he is a man of his word—we were,” Christa says. What a way to “ring” in the New Year!

Christa’s vision for the wedding was rustic, with an enchanted forest vibe. Her parents’ Golden Moments Estate in Winters was transformed into a romantic venue, exuding warmth and charm. Deep, rich-colored flowers, along with blackberries and raspberries, adorned the moss runners on the wooden tables, while hurricane containers sat atop books (some of which were. Christa’s grandmother’s published works), in keeping with Christa’s love of words.

The country theme was still apparent though, in the horseshoes and belt holsters that formed part of the décor and the men’s boutonnières made from bullet casings. Jason did his share, too. “She said ‘do this,’ and I said, ‘Yes ma’am!’” Jason jokes. He ended up building the bar with his dad, along with an altar and dining table.

At the ceremony, Christa’s grandmother gave the couple a special blessing and the celebration began thereafter. During the reception, the bride’s brother gave the toast, and gifted the couple a female ninja and Snake Eyes (Christa’s favorite character) from G.I. Joe—something Christa cherishes. The cake was then cut with a sword that had been engraved by a close family friend, and the guests kicked back and enjoyed the rest of the evening. “Everyone got to be themselves. It was an honest wedding of who we are and the people in our lives,” Christa says. Jason shares the sentiment, adding that their wedding could be described much like their everyday lives: simpatico. “It was all about who we are: simple, fun, easy-going people who love the outdoors and enjoy God, family and friends,” he adds.

They’re now so in tune with each other that they often wear the same color, order the same food and tell their co-workers the same things without realizing it—all because Christa put an ad out, and Jason answered it!

—Tara Mendanha