It has been said that slow and steady wins the race and from the beginning that is how Christina and Ryan have approached their relationship. Even though their connection was instantaneous, the couple took their time and let love grow in its own time. “Timing was everything because it allowed our relationship to grow at pivotal times in our lives,” explains Christina.

When the time finally came for Ryan to propose, he planned a beautiful romantic dinner while they were on a couple’s getaway. The sun was setting as Ryan got down on one knee and a friendly stranger filmed a video of the entire moment. Christina says she was emotional during their meal. “At dinner, a little girl at the table next to us was concerned about my tears and it turned into a lesson about happy tears and love and weddings! Turns out their party was celebrating a 40th anniversary, and we shared a celebratory moment with them too,” she recalls.

Christina, with the help of planners and professionals, created a wedding day that encompassed the traditions of classic American weddings along with their religious beliefs. She says, “Our vows were a commitment to each other and a marriage modeled after the continuing, unconditional love of God.” When reflecting on the vibe of their reception, Christina says, “I wanted the vibe to be rich, warm and cozy,” adding, “Our guests also helped achieve that with their laughter, conversation and overall joyful sounds of merriment.”

Even though the bride had the help of others, she did not let herself become distracted by outside influences. Despite the fun and merriment, the true focus of the day was Christina and Ryan’s commitment to each other and their future together. “It was an important day, but it felt like the beginning of the rest of our lives,” she says.

After all the toasts were made and the celebrations wound down, Christina looks back on the festivities as more than just a party. She says, “The wedding was a perfect culmination of our two lives coming together. Our friends and family traveled from near and far and blended perfectly together in a celebration of our love and the life ahead of us!” As for what has changed most significantly for the couple since they were married, it is easy for Christina. “We live together now! We get to be a part of each other’s day to day,” she says. 

—Abigail Blank