Chrissy and Glenn are high school sweethearts, so it’s safe to say that after 14 years together, they know each other pretty well. This is how Glenn knew to hide the engagement ring he had designed in the most concealed way he could think of (apparently Chrissy can get a little nosy). Glenn carved out the center of a large candle that was a fixture in their home, wrapped the ring in a small plastic bag, placed the ring inside, and resealed the candle. The candle is one Chrissy walks by several times a day, but she had no idea a gorgeous ring was nestled inside.

Chrissy and Glenn love taking spontaneous trips together, so when they booked a small getaway to New York, Chrissy was not suspicious of a proposal, but Glenn had it all arranged. They got an early start their first day there, grabbed pastries at a local bakery and ate breakfast in front of, you guessed it, Tiffany & Co.’s flagship store. After their re-creation of the iconic movie, they headed for a stroll though Central Park. A saxophone player had just set up and started playing as they walked toward Bethesda Terrace. As they approached the famous Bethesda Fountain, Glenn asked a couple to take their picture and secretly asked them to also record the proposal. Of course Chrissy said, “Yes,” and they spent the rest of the day discussing all the steps Glenn had to take to be secretive, including the now famous candle disguise.

The couple’s planning began with finding the perfect venue, and once they found it, everything seemed to fall into place fairly easily. They knew they wanted an art-deco theme, carried out through the use of forest green, gold and black with old Hollywood posters, cameras, vintage frames and men’s tuxedos. Mission accomplished. The décor was simply stunning.

Although the planning went fairly smoothly, the morning of the wedding left Chrissy feeling a bit unsettled. She was worried that she didn’t plan enough and had a hard time shaking the feeling that she missed something. But once the guests started to arrive and the festivities began, she could feel the love in the air and was able to completely enjoy herself. She says, “When the ceremony began, we told ourselves that we did our best planning and this is the time we have to enjoy it.”

After enjoying the fruits of their labor in planning, Chrissy and Glenn escaped to an exotic vacation in Bali where they had the time of their lives experiencing the culture, the sunsets, the beaches and the nightlife.

—Kelley Saia

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