Weddings are like fingerprints, each unique with their own presentation and unduplicated details. For Claire and Jon, bringing these beautifully personal touches to the forefront of every element and evocation of their wedding created a celebration of nuptials never to be forgotten.

Having been introduced by a longtime mutual friend, the couple’s whirlwind romance turned into a lifelong commitment when Jon surprised Claire by proposing on the Diestelhorst Bridge (over the Sacramento River), while hiking with her family. During their yearlong engagement, they worked together to plan a beautiful holiday-season wedding.

The couple decided upon the Miners Foundry for their big day, not just because of the antique stylings and incredible six-foot fireplace in the incomparable Stone Room, but also the heritage it held: Jon’s mother and stepfather were married there themselves, three decades earlier, in 1982.

Opting for personal over traditional, Claire and Jon incorporated close friends and family into their wedding ceremony. Jon’s uncle served as the officiant and a dear family friend sang the timeless love song “My One and Only Love” during the ceremony. “We are both very close to our families, and since both Jon’s father and my mother have passed away, we wanted to honor them but in a celebratory way,” Claire says. With this in mind, she walked down the aisle to the George Winston arrangement of Bach’s “Joy”—her mother’s namesake. “Having my mother not be present at my wedding was so hard, but having this song play while I walked down the aisle was absolutely perfect.”

The couple were both very hands-on in the planning and implementation of their vintage holiday theme with an Italian twist. “Most of the wedding details were DIY—we printed all of the programs, framed instructions, table cards, etc.,” Claire says. But they didn’t stop there. The most exceptional and captivating touch Claire and Jon added to the décor of their reception were the 30 Christmas trees Jon’s brother brought to decorate the building.

Not wanting to overpower the natural beauty of their location, Claire and Jon employed an understated color palate of navy blue and matte silver, as to best accent the greenery of the surrounding area. Guests were seated and served family-style, keeping with the casual Italian-themed reception. “Jon lived in Italy in high school, [and] he speaks Italian and is very close with his host family there. We served Italian wines, pastas, appetizers, and gave Italian wedding almonds as party favors.”

Great food, wine, music and friends were our priorities—always the symbols of a tremendously successful party!

The couple took a brief mini-moon to Hawaii immediately after the wedding, followed by a longer tour through Italy in the spring. They look forward to the next stage of their relationship and the opportunity to start a family in the near future.

—Abigail Blank

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