Sacramento Weddings

Colleen and Sean love nature, so it’s no surprise they had a tree planting unity ceremony during their outdoor summer wedding at The HideOut in Kirkwood. They poured water from Lake Tahoe into the base of the tree to nourish it and plan to care for it as they grow together in marriage. “It’s a tree that will come with us everywhere—when we buy a house we’ll plant it,” says Colleen, an online health and lifestyle coach.

The couple—who dated for three years before getting engaged—chose their venue since it showcased the mountains and nature. For décor, they had three feet of balloons at the ceremony site and a color scheme of blush pinks, white and gold.

The majority of the couple’s 185 guests were from out of town, including San Francisco and Boston (the bride’s hometown). “I was shocked how many people actually came, especially with how far it was for most people,” says Sean, a store manager.

Sean loved their vows and Colleen adored the first dance. “I set a goal with my life and business to have everything lined up for a successful future together, and it was such a rush to be in the moment and realize that we did it,” she says.

The wedding was exciting and emotional for both Colleen and Sean. She was shocked how her groom got teary “trying to keep it together. I was not expecting that! He looked so handsome and even more than I had already thought!” His response? “Right up until I was standing at the altar, I hadn’t been nervous at all. Then it all hit me, seeing my gorgeous bride for the first time as she walked down that aisle. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, tears of joy fell down my face, even throughout my vows.”

The 10-person wedding party included family and close friends, as well as their dogs, Jett and Zula. Their yummy menu included handmade Hawaiian pulled pork sliders and a six-inch, lemon- and raspberry-filled cake. Guests also noshed on mini cupcakes with flavors such as strawberry lemonade, red velvet and Irish car bomb.

The newlyweds enjoyed a two-week road trip for their honeymoon, camping in Oregon, Washington and Canada for the Shambhala Music Festival. A fitting honeymoon, since the couple was first introduced in person at a music festival in California.

—Kristen Castillo