Sacramento Weddings

Cris and Curtis first met as coworkers. With similar senses of humor and sarcasm, they hit it off immediately and built a solid friendship. They both eventually left those jobs and remained friends. Their bond grew stronger, developing into a relationship, and they’ve been together ever since.

Though they’d both been married before, neither Cris nor Curtis had felt a connection like the one they shared. “I’ve heard people say that they just ‘knew’ when they met their soul mate,” she says. “I never understood that until Curtis came into my life. We finish each other’s sentences and can look at each other and know what the other is thinking. We just ‘knew.’ It’s seriously the coolest feeling ever!”

With their wedding, they felt more comfortable breaking most traditions, enabling them to plan the wedding they truly wanted. “We decided to get married on New Year’s Eve!” she says.

All the plans came together quite easily. “I feel like I should feel guilty saying this, but there wasn’t a hard part to planning the wedding,” she says. They picked the Old Sugar Mill as their venue, knowing it would be a great place to get married. Their main goal was to have one big, fun, awesome party and “par-tay all the way to midnight!” Cris says.

Candles and rose petals decorated the aisle during the ceremony, and their kids walked them down the aisle and stood next to them—Curtis’s son and daughter on his side, and Cris’s son and daughter on hers.

The ceremony perfectly epitomized their senses of humor. “Our good friends married us, and included so many personal and touching stories into the ceremony,” she says. “I wore heels Curtis gave me for Christmas when I walked down the aisle, so being that he is shorter than I am, he pulled out a box to stand on for the duration of the ceremony. And our friends made us ro-sham-bo to see who went first to say their vows!”

The reception was packed with party and comfort food, including a mashed potato bar, make-your-own sliders, and a waffle food truck in lieu of wedding cake. As it got close to midnight, they passed out feather boas, hats, horns and blowers. And, at midnight, confetti cannons went off. “It was magical,” she says.

Cris was so relaxed, knowing that at the end of the day, she’d be married to her soul mate. “Everyone who I interacted with that day all said they’d never seen a bride so ‘chill’…I told myself that no matter what went wrong during the day, as long as we ended up married, that’s all that matters. The day couldn’t have been more perfect.”

—Kourtney Jason