Sacramento Weddings

Colin was a striking, faith-driven, networking guru with the kind of family values and beer-drinking skills any gal would swoon over. Danielle was a driven PR executive with an obsession for traveling the world, perfecting her meatball recipe and stopping random strangers on the street so she could pet and talk to their dogs. Nominations for Sacramento’s Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette (SMEBB) first brought them together. After a few twists and turns, they reunited for a date of nachos, beer and a view of the Giants game on TV. It was game on.

Engaged and ready to plan the wedding, the couple knew they wanted a party—a true celebration of their love and the love for their family and friends. “We were adamant that we stay on a tight schedule so that we could get to the fun celebrating part,” Danielle says.

The process not only solidified the couple’s partnership, but it helped create a bond between both sets of their parents, too. “They plan outings and dinners without us now!” she says. “We recognized that the whole planning process resulted not only in an incredible day, but also set the tone for an amazing family bond.”

It was very important to Danielle and her family that the couple married in the Catholic Church. “One of the reasons we settled on St. Clare was because of their understanding of religious differences and tolerance, and their willingness to allow us to hold a Catholic wedding ceremony without the full mass, since Colin is Christian but not a practicing Catholic,” says the bride.

The reception was all about incorporating their interests and quirky likes into every element. “From the custom San Francisco Giants cornhole game and the hidden Mickeys in the bar sign, to the customized camouflage beer cozies and monogrammed hunter orange Chapsticks (both surprises for Colin, but items that he currently uses on a daily basis)—we really were able to make sure it was special to us,” she says.

For Danielle, the best part of the day was the pure joy of sharing it with family and friends. “We spent a lot of time preparing for our marriage—not just the wedding—and to have a day to honor our love and commitment to each other, all while getting to celebrate and dance the night away with our friends, truly made it the best day ever.” Adds Colin: “The best part for me was seeing Danielle for the first time in her beautiful dress and veil with her father, and knowing that the last 30 years of my life had led me exactly to where I needed to be.”

—Darren Elms