Sacramento Weddings

Whether it was chance or destiny, Danitza and Steven’s introduction at the apartment complex they’d both recently moved to was the beginning of a lifetime commitment. They were students at Chico State in 2009, and when Danitza arrived to the apartment complex with all her things and no one to help her, fellow new resident Steven jumped in and lent a hand. “We quickly became great friends from that point forward, and after spending basically any free time we had together, decided to make things official,” Dantiza says.

The couple dated throughout college, and though they took their time before becoming engaged, each knew the other was their special someone from early on. “It’s hard to explain,” Danitza says, ”but I knew right away that whatever I had with him felt more perfect and right than anything I’d ever known.” Steven concurs: “Right away our relationship was so easy and felt so natural. Over time it evolved, and I knew I never wanted to be without her and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Five years into their relationship, and with their post-college careers blossoming (Steven as a business account executive and Danitza as an event coordinator), Steven took the step to fulfill his wish, with a romantic proposal during a birthday trip for Danitza to Monterey.

Fourteen months later, in early summer, the wedding day arrived after much expert planning. “As an event coordinator and having dreamed of my wedding day for years, I definitely had high expectations and particular ideas for the day,” Danitza explains. She envisioned each aspect of every moment, and did the work to make it happen. The venue was meaningful, too—close friends of Danitza’s family had recently bought a vineyard property among the rolling hills and plentiful trees of Camino.

The setting lent itself to country-inspired touches including large, family-style farm tables and soft, natural colors and florals dotting the entirely outdoor landscape. The catered reception was farm-to-fork fresh, and although a warm June thunderstorm made an appearance, it didn’t dampen the festivities—it just added an impromptu chance for guests to get cozy under the wide wraparound porch surrounding the expansive home.

Other memorable touches included Danitza’s mom’s unwavering help and support throughout the entire process, floral arrangements coordinated by her maternal grandmother and tabletop centerpiece boxes built by her paternal grandfather. To top it off, the family-oriented wedding was officiated by Steven’s grandfather, who lent a lighthearted aspect to the ceremony when he accidentally skipped a page of his script, leading to a good laugh for all.

In the end, the couple’s wedding day turned out exactly as they had envisioned. Explains Danitza: “We sang and danced, toasted s’mores over the pit, laughed and smiled until our cheeks hurt, and enjoyed every bit of it all.”

— Carrie Poggio