Desiree and Dave met on Myspace through a shared love of music. “I make music and had some tracks posted up there, and Desiree left a message to say how much she liked it,” shares Dave. “From there we chatted about different bands we liked.” Conversation turned to “one of us should come meet the other,” so Dave got on a plane to San Francisco. “I was incredibly nervous, it was my first ever time visiting the USA,” says Dave, who came from the UK. “We went for a night out, and that was that!”

While traveling though Seville, Spain, Dave took the opportunity to propose in a place he thought was one of the most romantic he had visited. “Desiree had no clue,” he says. “In a little restaurant on a tiny cobbled street is where I asked the question. Desiree said yes, then we spent the next two hours phoning people!”

Dave admits he couldn’t wait to marry Desiree. “We’ve been long-distance dating for almost 10 years, and it finally felt like a completion of so much traveling and the start of our lives together,” he says. To celebrate, the couple wanted an amazing party: good food, friends and music. Adds Dave, “Music is what connects us.”

The couple chose an evening wedding and reception. “We aren’t ones really for being the center of attention so we kept our ceremony short,” explains Dave. “Our vows were simple and it was lighthearted. Before the day we both secretly sent some amusing and slightly embarrassing stories to Cindie, our officiant, to use during the ceremony. There were a few laughs!”

The reception was also held in the courtyard of The Firehouse Restaurant. “We liked the idea of a non-fussy but very pretty wedding,” says Dave. “The food from The Firehouse was incredible. We wanted it to be a proper quality dinner followed by awesome tunes spun by DJ Eli Freshmode. The guy is a musical book of knowledge. When we met him pre-wedding we knew that he was going to bring the party… and he did!” 

—Darren Elms