From simple beginnings the most beautifully rich parts of life can grow. When Gaby and Ryan met through friends at a casual party they never imagined they would evolve into the beautiful husband and wife they are today. What began with a simple date of frozen yogurt and great conversation turned into a lifelong journey of love and commitment.

Through their years of dating, Gaby and Ryan had created tradition to visit Disneyland together once a year. It was on this annual trip, at the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle, where Ryan asked for Gaby’s hand in marriage. “As we were taking pictures Ryan called my name. I looked back [and] he was down on one knee,” Gaby recalls. Unbeknownst to her, Ryan had arranged an elaborate surprise, having not only their close friends but also both of their families there for the momentous occasion.

Their 18-month-long engagement afforded them ample time for planning and executing a wedding day as magical as they hoped it would be. “We are both very simple; we knew we didn’t want something we couldn’t afford or [that] wasn’t us,” Gaby says.

Their wedding was simple and classic, seamlessly incorporating traditional Catholic elements including a lasso, 13 gold coins and a unity candle into the beautiful setting of their venue. “My family was coming from Mexico so keeping some our family traditions was very important to me. We made sure we incorporated our religious traditions into our outdoor ceremony,” Gaby explains.

Their commitment to tradition did not prevent them from giving their reception some personal and unique touches that provided entertainment as well as enchanting memories. Gaby recalls, “Ryan had this awesome idea of having a caricature artist for our reception. We used it as one of our party favors; it was an amazing idea and our guests loved it.” In addition to the caricature artist, the couple filled out the festivities with a photo booth, a Mariachi band and a “sparkler starter” first dance.

Gaby says, “Ryan and I really stressed the importance of soaking it all in and living in the moment.” So, while a few details may have not gone exactly as planned, the couple remained focused on the outpouring of joy from their family and friends.

They do not feel that marriage has changed their relationship; rather it has grown and developed into a beautiful unity of partners in love and life. Though their new monikers of “husband” and “wife” trip them up from time to time, the depth of their love has only intensified in their new nuptial bliss.

—Abigail Blank