Sometimes it takes more than fate to bring soulmates together. For Heather and Joe, their meant-to-be was mediated with a little help from some brilliant mutual friends. “We were both so oblivious, I didn’t realize we were dating and Joe took a very long time to make his move,” says Heather.

But good things come to those who wait, as they say, and when the time was right Joe planned an intimate night for just the two of them. Wrapped in romantic holiday vibes, Joe proposed to Heather in a quiet shared moment at home. They celebrated later that night at a Michelin-rated restaurant where Joe had made reservations knowing he and Heather would be embarking on the next exciting phase of their lives together.

They have learned about life and grown as individuals and as a couple throughout the evolution of their relationship. For Heather, that meant she knew the wedding planning should be reflective of the way they view their commitment to each other. They decided a small, intimate gathering of their closest family and friends would embody the authenticity that characterizes their relationship. Heather says, “We only had 30 people including us so it was all about everyone feeling special, loved and close with each other.”

Although they followed many traditional stylings for their ceremony and reception, the personal touches woven throughout the entire day carved out spaces to illuminate the unique tone of their love and commitment to each other. Even Heather’s dress was carefully chosen for maximization of fun over formality.“I wanted to make sure that I was comfortable to move around all day because I am truly a busy body. I didn’t want a big fluffy dress so that I could groove on the dance floor and celebrate my love for Joe,” says Heather.

She also took her guests’ comfort into consideration, knowing a small and intimate group would have the opportunity to feel as if they were more a part of this milestone in Heather and Joe’s lives rather than spectators. Heather says that when it came to deciding what kind of vibe they wanted for the wedding, it was a clear to her that she wanted to share the day with those closest to her and Joe in ways that would reflect the importance of each guest invited. “We love to make people feel special and this wedding truly celebrated that,” she says.

Since the day they exchanged their vows, their relationship has continued on the trajectory it has always followed and they continue to grow and learn as a couple. The one big change though, Heather says, is their home. “We bought a house together,” she says. “Now we know for sure that we are both in it for the long haul, and we will forever be a team.” 

—Abigail Blank