The path to true love can be long and winding. Sometimes, we are presented with the same person again and again until we finally see what we’re meant to see in them. This fantastic lesson in “meant to be” is how Holly and Tim found each other—on a winding road to happily ever after.

Though they first met in 2005 at a close friend’s birthday party, it wasn’t until many encounters and happenstance meetings later that they turned their friendly outings into a romantic courtship. Holly and Tim dated for several years, allowing their love plenty of time and space to grow into a strong foundation for a loving and lasting marriage. That’s not to say that Holly didn’t eventually grow impatient waiting for Tim to propose.

Holly’s complaints to her doctor one afternoon led to the hilarious prescription for Tim to visit a particular jeweler recommended by the doctor. Unbeknownst to Holly, Tim, who works at a private investigation company, was already in heavy pursuit of just the right ring, but hitting a lot of dead ends. “Apparently, Tim had been shopping for the ring with no success. After he got the letter/prescription in the mail, he went to the jeweler and knew that he had a match,” Holly says. Her doctor’s facetious prescription turned out to be the perfect cure for what ailed Tim. His big plans to propose to Holly in the summer of 2011 on a trip to visit her family in South Dakota were derailed by a large motorcycle convention in Rapid City. Instead, Tim chose to wait until they were in the privacy of their own home to pop the question.

Holly did the majority of the planning for their big day and let Tim take the reins on the honeymoon escape. Their “garden of a thousand years” theme focused on casual but classic revelry. A black and white canvas with strong popping elements of green allowed the beauty of their setting to flourish. “We didn’t want our wedding to be too uptight. Tim and I are both very relaxed, casual and most important…fun,” Holly says, adding, “We really just wanted to have a good time with our guests. We didn’t want our wedding to be too big that we wouldn’t have the opportunity to spend time or talk with everyone.”

When asked about the most memorable part of the celebration, the bride explains how the absence of her brother turned from heartache to hilarity. “My younger brother is in the Navy. He was out to sea on a world tour and, unfortunately, missed the wedding. So, my mom blew up pictures of his face and we put them on sticks and he was still in all of the photos.”

Tim did a stellar job with his task and planned an amazing tropical vacation to Tahiti for the two of them. Of the honeymoon, Holly says, “It was a trip of a lifetime!”