How did you meet?

In a back alley downtown in Las Vegas, it was a mutual friend’s movie production office and we both stopped by at the same time.

How did the planning go?

Planning anything is always a little stressful. Traveling there to do all the food tastings and rentals was the best because we got to really know Sonora and discovered some new favorite spots. It will always hold a special place in our hearts.


I wanted these certain photos inside the chapel at sunset with the candles lit. I also wanted to read our vows out loud.

How would you describe the ceremony?

Hope: I had lost my stepdad a year ago so we had a table set up with pictures and vases for my dads who passed away. Both my real dad, who died when I was 12, and then stepdad. Also you will never get that many of your friends and family in the same room again which was so awesome. [It was] very emotional. We had a rough stretch in our relationship in the year leading up to the wedding but to work through it and finally get there was very emotional. When we said our vows there weren’t a lot of dry eyes in the chapel.

Hope’s Memorable Moments

There are a few, including our seven-year-old son Carter playing “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran while we danced. We also did a fun dance where Edwin’s friend brought out a money gun and let our son make it rain money on the dance floor. And finally, my maid of honor said, “Let’s have more babies!” We are currently pregnant with
our third so she jinxed us.

Biggest Challenge

The chairs for reception, LOL. I wanted white and my husband wanted gold, and since I picked everything else I figured I would let him pick one thing so we went with gold.

Unexpected Moment

You blink your eye and it’s over! I did black out walking down the aisle. Everyone was staring at me taking pictures and videos and I didn’t look at anyone but Edwin.


Everyone did a wonderful job!

Favorite Detail

Saying our vows to each other. Hope was funny and calm and I was more nervous and emotional so they showed our very different personalities. But standing up there telling each other how happy we were to be there was our favorite detail. Also, the chapel set up and flower arch with candles and rose petals.

Hope’s Best Part

The best part of my day was showing myself and everyone you can overcome anything when you have love.

Edwin’s Best Part

Wow there are so many. Obviously watching our kids walk down the aisle, and then my beautiful wife standing out from the ceremony. From the reception, our son playing our first dance on the piano and then finally letting loose at the end of the night with all of our friends and family was a blast.

Advice from the couple:

Lock up your wedding cards or put them away right after ceremony. Ours were stolen and all the cash gone. Also, make sure you get photos with everyone as you won’t ever be in those outfits again.