How did the planning go? Favorite time? Worst moment?

The planning for the wedding was super fun. I did all of it, and it was only stressful the week of the wedding. It was so cool, embedding both myself and my husbands passions into our wedding and making it as unique as possible. For example, I had a mother daughter dance that was super special. And the florals were all from the month of October, so they were seasonal and it was just a perfect beautiful day outside where we got married just before sunset.

Special Cultural Features

My husband wanted to impart some of his Jewish culture into our wedding, so he smashed a glass at our ceremony. And I wanted to embed my spiritual practice in it, so we did a Handfasting ritual. It was really special because we were both able to bring a little bit of ourselves to the ceremony for all to see.

While planning the wedding, was there anything in particular you knew you wanted for the day? Did you have expectations?

For everyone to have fun and have it be similar feelings to an outdoor festival!

Memorable Moment

A memorable moment was when I danced with my dad and my mom, and when me and my husband exchanged rings when we were being introduced as a married couple for the first time before our dance.


The Wild Thistle Florist and Kate Elsye, my photographer.

What was the best part of your day?

Jazmyne: Being able to see family members who I’m really close to and friends I hadn’t seen in a very long time all be in one place, dancing and laughing together—it was a really beautiful and special moment. Being able to finally marry
my hunk of a husband was also a plus!

Daniel: My favorite part was watching Jaz walk down the aisle to me, our first dance together, and then the party on the dance floor with everyone. It got really fun very fast!

Advice from the couple:

Have a monthly wedding catch up, where you talk about wedding details over a glass of wine or a beverage or food of your choice! Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember that it’s just one day, one big party!