Jenny and Wade became fast friends after she started working at the same ad agency as Wade.

“It truly was a courtship,” he says. “I was quickly drawn to Jenny by her beautiful smile and infectious laugh. Before we actually started dating, we were both working at the same company on different teams, which meant we sat nowhere near each other. I made it my daily goal to see her and to hear her voice.”

After some time together, they faced real challenges that could make or break a couple. “We were super long distance and he was losing his mom, but he was my biggest supporter even during that. So, those were some hardships, but we got through it together. I knew that if we could weather that just a year into our relationship, then we could definitely work together in a marriage,” Jenny remembers.

Wade proposed one year later as the couple made their way to San Francisco for his work holiday party. “On the way down, we decided to go to the Marin Headlands to take in the view,” she says. “Little did I know that Wade had planned the exact spot he wanted to go to. For a while, Wade had been taking pictures of me looking out onto a beautiful view. After a minute, he said, ‘I think something’s missing from this one, why don’t you try it with this.’ And I turned around to find Wade holding the ring! The only thing I can remember him saying was ‘I can’t wait to start our life together.’ And then he was down on one knee. It was a total surprise and quite perfect.”

They spent a little more than a year planning their wedding. “We did really well with tackling it as a team,” Jenny says. “I did take on the planning, but Wade was happy to jump in and look at the dozens of links I would share during the various planning stages, and he went to all of the appointments. We were totally on the same page with everything.”

The best memory of their day is feeling all the love around them. “The wedding felt like a gathering of all the most important people in our life,” Wade says. “The thing that surprised me was that they were all there to support us. They were there because they love us. It was truly the best day of my life. I’ve said on multiple occasions to Jenny, ‘Let’s get married again!’ or ‘Can we go back to that day and start it over?’”

Jenny says her most vivid memory was standing at the ceremony, holding hands with Wade. “We would take turns squeezing the other’s hand when there was something funny or meaningful being said. It was one of the more peaceful moments of the day since we weren’t posing, dancing or making the rounds. It was really just the two of us in a little bubble.” 

— Kourtney Jason