When did you become engaged and how?

We got engaged September 19, 2020 up in Apple Hill Boa Vista Orchards. Some of our close friends showed up and captured the moment. I thought we were picking out a pumpkin at the patch and taking a picture like we did every year. To my surprise, I left Apple Hill with a shiny new ring and we completely forgot about the pumpkin.

How did planning go?

It was great! It was extremely helpful to have a wedding planner. Lindsey from Blue Sky Events was amazing and a true professional, but her expertise really came through on the wedding day. She was so familiar with the venue, to the point where she knew when the wind would come in off the lake, and predicted the moment my veil would fly off! She kept me calm and organized throughout the process.

How would you describe the ceremony? Was there anything specific that made it unique to you as a couple?

Family is very important to us and we wanted to include our immediate family as much as possible. Both my parents walked me down the aisle and our nieces and nephew carried the rings together. We couldn’t think of a better person to marry us than John’s sister, Tina. Without hesitation, she graciously agreed to become ordained and wrote a thoughtful ceremony for us that was very personal and celebrated us as a couple. There were laughs and sentimental tears — I couldn’t have imagined anything better.

What was the best part of your day?

Jessica: My favorite part of the day was the first look. Everything from the start of the day moved so quickly; fair, makeup, getting dressed, photos. But I felt like our first look gave us a moment to pause, reset and enjoy each other before this next huge step in our relationship.

John: Not to steal Jessica’s idea, but my favorite part of the day was also the first look. Make sure to soak in this time because it’s the only quiet time you’ll get together all day. My second favorite part was getting to the venue after the first look and having all of our friends there so that we could spend time together before the ceremony and take pictures with them next to the lake.

What would you have done differently?

Invested in a videographer! Specifically because the day goes by so fast; it’s emotional, and it’s difficult to remember the incredible ceremony and speeches. The day was perfect — I would love to relive it over and over.