When it comes to love, you might say that Kacie and Ross hit it out of the park. First meeting as Sacramento River Cats Baseball Club employees, they flirted with romance when Ross showed up at work sporting an argyle sweater and glasses, giving Kacie no chance but to head for first base. The couple eventually celebrated a courtship in full before stepping up to the plate, trading one diamond for another.

Planning the wedding was, quite fortuitously, a total team effort. “It seems appropriate that our wedding was planned hand-in-hand with our family, as that is how we live every day of our lives,” recalls Kacie, describing the occasion as “romantic and traditional, warm and inviting, approachable and friendly.” The idea was to involve everyone who mattered.

To achieve this vision, the couple stamped their big day in uniquely personal ways, crafting the ceremony along with Ross’s pastor, integrating an hourglass to symbolize the blending of families, and arranging for half-circle ceremonial seating to feel swaddled in the warm embrace of their guests. On the décor score, the couple let the venue’s picturesque setting define its aesthetic direction, one featuring vibrant, fig-colored accents and more than 200 pieces of mercury glass taking shape as votive and tall-footed candleholders, vases and vessels, and beautiful birds nesting in quiet repose next to glass table numbers. Uniquely, most frills belonged to family members, with the bride’s mother and grandmother supplying the wedding’s most bespoke trimming—a 31-foot long satin rosette tablecloth that dramatically dressed the wedding party’s table.

If the interplay of glass and flickering candlelight illuminated the reception, the couple’s happiness generated its glow. Kacie dazzled wearing a Casablanca gown and beautiful diamond bracelet from her father, while toting a bouquet affixed with a Swarovski crystal butterfly in memory of her maternal grandmother; Ross, meanwhile, followed suit, donning pins to honor his maternal grandparents and paternal grandfather.

Among the wedding’s rousing roster of extras was the crowd-pleasing photo booth, which lent playful panache to the reception, and beautifully packaged hotel guest welcome bags brimming with treats like cookies, candy bars, a weekend program, and even a box called “Oops, Ouch, Eek” stuffed with items for life’s unexpected emergencies. And, just to prove that marriage is always a united front, even when, as sports fans, your team loyalties may be divided (like Ross and Kacie—he roots for the Giants; she pulls for the Dodgers), the couple included team pencils bound together with “Love Conquers All”-etched ribbons. “It was one of our fun DIY wedding projects,” Kacie recalls, who also counts the couple’s sparkler-laden exit a home run.

“Our hope was that the wedding was as welcoming and friendly as we try to be ourselves,” Kacie expresses. “We wanted our guests to be taken aback by the beauty of the day.”

But at the same time, she adds (as if on cue): We wanted them to feel at home.”

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