Workmates for a time, Kary and Thomas were a mere partition away from a budding romance. “Crazy thing is that both of our mothers worked for the same department years ago,” says Kary. “So somehow we were meant to cross paths.”

Although Kary thought her coworker was good looking, she didn’t think he was interested in her. One day they both discovered a mutual appreciation for Scott’s Seafood on the River. “I called him out and told him my birthday was in a couple of days and that he could take me out for dinner…and he said ‘ok!’” she shares. “I fell in love with him that night.”

Once the couple got engaged in 2017, they began the process of planning their big day. “The entire time planning we said that we wanted the day to be one big party and a day and night to remember,” says the bride. “Our families get along so well that the day was filled with so much love and happiness.”

Kary did much of the legwork, from getting some needed props like the jumping broom and “unplugged” sign, to creating the favors and flowers. “I would tell future brides to delegate and take a step back and relax,” she says.

The couple admits the ceremony went by in flash so they only remember a few moments. “I’m glad our guests didn’t listen to us and still took photos even though we had an ‘unplugged’ ceremony sign,” Kary says. “The candid moments that were captured were so real that looking at them now completely takes us back to that day and all the things we thought we missed.”

According to the bride and groom, one of the best additions to the reception that followed was a designated cigar bar. “I think at one point there were more people outside laughing and talking than inside dancing,” Kary recalls. 

After a referral from a friend of work, Kary and Thomas commissioned a cake with T-Rex cake toppers, one with a beard and one with eyelashes. “Anyone who knows us would tell you that’s 100 percent us,” says Kary. “I don’t go out anywhere without my lashes.” 

—Darren Elms