Walking in to the first shift at Hoppy Brewing Company, the first person Katie saw was her cute new coworker, Rob—and she immediately knew she was going to love this job.

Their similar senses of humor drew the couple closer together, and Katie appreciated Rob’s calm and patient demeanor. They dated for two and a half years before Rob made plans to pop the question.

He had coordinated a girls’ night for Katie and her friend, and fibbed that he would be at his cousin’s house, all the while, planning to have Katie’s friend bring her to Capitol Park where he would be waiting to propose. As it turns out, the secrecy and red-herring plans weren’t necessary. Katie later admitted to knowing more than she was supposed to about the true plans for the evening.

“Let’s just say I highly suspected he was going to propose because I had done some pretty extensive snooping,” she says. “I don’t have a lot of chill to start with and then when you add in a potential proposal…well, let’s just say it wasn’t a surprise, but it was still a nice day!”

Since Rob was in school at the time, Katie took on a lot of the wedding planning though they both recall particularly enjoying the various tastings they did during their vendor search. The pair knew they wanted an outdoor wedding in Sacramento, and they wanted to be able to do it while Rob was on break from school. After conferring with friends and family, the date was quickly narrowed down to 8/18/18 (the easy-to-remember number pattern was just a happy coincidence).

The ceremony and reception took place right along the American River in true, classic Sacramento style with Katie’s brother acting as the officiant. They even had a surprise visit from a riverboat that stopped to take in the beautiful scenery before blasting KC and The Sunshine Band’s “Shake Your Booty” to mark the occasion. “I didn’t even crack a smile at the time, but now it’s pretty funny,” Katie says.

The reception tent was beautifully decorated with lush blooms and greenery, and romantic twinkling lights strung up overhead, while guests enjoyed a full bar, dinner, dancing and games like Jenga, cornhole, and a photo booth with fun props, along with an impressive dessert bar and gelato station.

One of the most treasured moments the couple has from that evening was when they went to the bowling alley at 1 a.m. because they just didn’t want the night to end.

“It has been almost five years since I met Rob and very little of that time has been what I would have predicted,” Katie says. “I’m looking forward to the many adventures we’ll have together.” 

—Jennifer Resnicke