Both born and raised in Sacramento, Kramer and Lou’s childhood homes were only a couple miles apart from each other. As Lou was on Kramer’s brother’s baseball team as a kid, they were acquainted for a long time, but officially became “reintroduced” through mutual friends at de Vere’s Irish Pub in 2012.

A couple of years later, the two were enjoying a family vacation on Kalapaki Beach in Kauai. Remembers Kramer, “His mother and I went for a sunrise hike to the lighthouse on the beach. Lou surprised me there with a floral lei and proposed. We spent the day swimming in the Pacific Ocean and drinking Mai Tais…it was the best day ever. “

The newly engaged Kramer desired a vintage, elegant feel to match the historic vibe of their wedding venue, Vizcaya. “Audrey at Botanica Events made sure that my vision came to life with a plethora of ‘old world’ rentals,” she says. Having her assistance on the wedding proved essential, as the couple discovered the planning to be a wild ride. “Lou was globetrotting for the year before our wedding, playing rugby for the national team, so most planning and decisions were made over the phone,” says Kramer. “My favorite part was picking out the desserts from Freeport Bakery. I grew up down the street from there, so it was always a dream to have them make my wedding cake.”

Once the big day arrived, the memorable moments began early on. While the bride and her attendants enjoyed a day of beauty, the entire groom’s party met at a barbershop to drink beers and get a straight razor shave, or as Lou remembers it, “get hacked up.”

Though definitely a highlight of the day, he looks back most fondly at the wedding procession and seeing his bride for the first time. “It really filled me with immense joy, pride and a feeling of love,” Lou shares. “As I kissed my mother and hugged my father, I saw all the people who care the most about my bride-to-be and me, [and] it was clear that we are both loved far more then we could ever comprehend.”

—Darren Elms