Sacramento Weddings


Both California natives, Kristina had lived in Yuba City for the last 13 years, while Andrew spent the last 15 in Live Oak. The couple met through friends during a night out and dated for three years before Andrew got down on one knee. “He proposed at my birthday party with quite a few family and friends there celebrating,” says Kristina. “He had also had the ring for six months before popping the question.”

The pair agreed September would be the perfect month to have their wedding. “I didn’t want it [to be] super formal,” the bride shares. “I wanted it to be nice and reflect us, which is pretty casual and laid-back. I also wanted everyone who loves us there to celebrate and have a good time.” Fortunately, they had the help of Kristina’s mom, Maria Burch, to take on some of the heavy lifting with the planning. “She knows me so well, so I knew it would be perfect,” shares the grateful bride. “She checked with Andrew and myself on everything. She is amazing.”

When the big day arrived, Kristina and Andrew exchanged vows they chose off the Internet. “When it came time for me to say ‘I do,’ I said, ‘of course I do!’” recalls Kristina, to the response that drew laughs from the gathered crowd.

Both the ceremony and reception were held at the Butte Star Ranch in Sutter. “The reception was filled with laughter, dancing, music, great speeches and great food,” says Kristina. The couple especially enjoyed their wedding cake. “Wendi Zimmerman never disappoints,” the bride says. “[She] has been making cakes for our family for years, and she now has her own cake-making business on the side.”

When asked which part of the day stood out for her, Kristina has trouble offering an answer. “I know this seems crazy, but I didn’t have a favorite part of the day,” she admits. “Only because the whole day was amazing—from getting ready to walking down the aisle and saying our vows in front of the ones who love us, to the party afterwards. I was so grateful my parents did so much for us. I can’t thank them enough.”

 —Darren Elms