Krystal and Dylan met in 2008 when they both began working together. “We dated briefly on and off, nothing too serious,” shares Krystal. “But the timing was always off.” After the couple reconnected a year later, they gave it another shot and have been together for over a decade.

The couple traveled to Las Vegas for Dylan’s work with some of their best friends. “Our friends ended up buying tickets for all of us to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower,” says Krystal. “Once we got up there, I was walking toward the other side when I heard Dylan say my full name, which I thought was weird. When I turned around he was on one knee!”

While planning the wedding, the pair didn’t have many expectations or deep desires. “Dylan and I had been together so long, I was just excited to get married and share that moment with our closest friends and family,” shares the bride. “My favorite part was getting extra time with my mom and the bridal party. Life gets so busy that it was nice to have extra time with them as they helped me prepare for my perfect day.”

When the big day arrived, one of Krystal’s favorite moments was the first look. “It was a truly intimate moment between just the two of us, while we were all fresh and not melted from heat,” she remembers. “We aren’t the dressing up type, and usually stick to jeans and Converse, so it was pretty special to see each other all dolled up. A moment to just breathe with one another before all the beautiful chaos consumed us.”

The ceremony was truly a family affair. Krystal’s uncle officiated the ceremony, and her brothers took the honor of walking her down the aisle, as her father had passed away. “I also made sure to have a sign in the first chair on my side, just for him that said, ‘reserved for the father of the bride who celebrated with us in heaven.’” She also placed a boutonnière on the chair for him. All three of the couple’s children also participated as flower girl and ring bearers. “Our vows were very heartfelt and had most everyone in tears, including our two oldest children,” says the bride. This reception followed, decked with greenery and flowers, lights and draping crystals. “Our first dance was one of my favorite parts of the reception,” says Krystal, “And finally getting to mingle with all the guests as much as possible. Also, my matron of honor’s speech was epic.” 

—Darren Elms