Sacramento Weddings


Krysten and Thomas love being married so much that they’ve gotten hitched three times. The stylish couple first married a few years ago in front of a judge; then they celebrated with a Catholic ceremony in Spring 2015, followed by these gorgeous nuptials in early summer.

Family and friends, local and from afar (including guests as far as England) feted the couple as they exchanged vows in a tea garden party style wedding at Harmony Ridge Lodge in Nevada City, Calif.

A DIY bride, Krysten crafted and styled her day to perfection. From her lace-topped flats, to the lace and ribbon headband she got on Etsy, to her diamond wedding band, which is from her great grandmother, every detail was on point. She even made Thomas’s lavender and mint colored pom pom boutonniere. All of these light purple accents beautifully complemented Krysten’s lavender colored hair!

Here’s an example of this go-with-the-flow couple: when Krysten decided to color her hair lavender, Thomas remarked he didn’t mind. The hair, no matter what color, is just a different frame to the beautiful face he loves!

Back to the wedding, colored banners read, “Love Is Sweet.” More colorful accents: the mint green tablecloth on the newlyweds’ sweetheart table; strings of lavender, light blue, mint green and red pom pom decorations; and vintage tea cups and glassware, collected by the bride and her family.

Bridesmaids were pretty in pastels with each wearing a different, yet striking light color like light blue, peach, pink and pale yellow.

The day was filled with sweet and romantic touches, such as the knitted two-peas-in-a-pod cake topper and a chalkboard sign detailing Krysten and Thomas’s love story. Each table was named after a location where the couple had lived or visited including Vancouver, Portland, San Diego, London and Mt. Hood. Live music kept the party flowing.

The bride, groom and their guests nibbled on yummy treats including ice cream bars and Cornish vegetable and chicken pasties, a nod to the groom’s Cornish heritage. Krysten’s culture was honored too – the couple had fun swinging at two piñatas, each fashioned to resemble a respective bride and groom.

The couple wanted their guests to savor the moments with them so they really focused on wedding fun. They gave everyone kazoos to commemorate the first kiss and they also all tossed those colorful pom poms into the air for a group picture.

Krysten and Thomas sure know how to throw a party!

—Kristen Castillo