Leslie met Bruce her freshman year of college at UT Austin where they were both students. At a concert, she had noticed a guy wearing the T-shirt of her sister’s husband’s metal band. “I started a conversation with him because of this, and we ended up hanging out for the rest of the night,” she says.

Ten years later, Leslie made it known that she was ready for the next step. “I told him one night that if we got engaged I would want my ring to look like ‘this,’ and that was pretty much how it happened,” she recalls of the night that they got engaged. “After we got the ring, he did take me out to dinner at this French restaurant we love. He coordinated with the staff to bring out balloons and T-shirts with our faces painted on them that he had made, and he proposed during dessert. It was cute.”

The couple shared a common list of must-haves for their wedding: a fun dance party, open bar and casual food. “I had a specific look I was going for,” says Leslie, who is also an event planner. “Big open warehouse with an exposed ceiling and fun splashy colors with the linens and flowers. The lighting décor was essential in making the space look full and beautiful.” The bride says the best part of the planning process was shopping for vases at the flea market in Alameda and assembling tissue paper pom-poms for the ceremony’s backdrop.

On the big day, the ceremony was planned to be both sweet and simple. “A good family friend married us and it was very personal,” Leslie shares. “My brother-in-law and our friend played the processional music and our family members were in the wedding party.”

They chose a unique venue on San Francisco’s Treasure Island for the reception, The Winery SF. “Most of the guests were from out of town and the ride over the bridge from downtown was thrilling because of the view,” she says.

True to their word, the food was kept casual, a taco bar to be exact, and instead of a cake, they opted for an assortment of delicious pastries.

And they got their fun dance party with an equally enjoyable playlist courtesy of their DJ.

What was the best part of the night? According to Leslie, “Being able to hang out with family and friends and know that they were having a really fun time.”

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