Lindsay and Chris were both working as paramedics for the same company when their paths crossed, and the connection was almost immediate. Their time dating was often spent out of the house going on any adventure they could think of. So when Chris suggested a spontaneous day trip to Napa, Lindsay jumped at the opportunity and didn’t think much of it. They had a lovely lunch and visited several wineries. Their final stop was Sterling Winery where they took the gondola to the top of the hill. The setting called for some pictures, so Chris asked a passerby to take their photo. He then knelt down on one knee and left Lindsay in complete shock. She says, “My husband is terrible with secrets, and I always find everything out, so I have to give him a huge pat on the back for this one. It was amazing.”

They waited a few months before diving into wedding planning and after realizing what a rollercoaster their planning would become, they were glad they took that time to enjoy their engagement. The couple both wanted a simple wedding with a rustic vibe and plenty of grape vines (do we sense a wine theme here?).

With the wedding planning well underway, Lindsay and Chris were on cloud nine. They were both full of excitement. Just four days before their wedding, however, things quickly changed. Massive fires in Napa and Santa Rosa left their venue covered in smoke and at risk of burning down. The single road leading to the venue was also closed. The couple was faced with two difficult options: reschedule their wedding, or find a new venue in a matter of days. After all the hard work of planning their wedding and with so much excitement built up, rescheduling it seemed like a nightmare. Miraculously, they were able to find a venue that was not only available but willing to go above and beyond to help them make necessary arrangements to move the location. Historic Oakdale Ranch, along with last-minute help from Events by Wise, Firehouse Entertainment, Blossom Farm Vintage Rentals and Premier Portables all pitched in—along with the couples’ previously booked vendors—to help make their day the best day ever.

At this point, Lindsay and Chris were just happy to be getting married and the little things seemed almost insignificant. “I only cared about marrying my husband and spending that special time with my family and friends,” Lindsay says.

The couple were certainly deserving of a relaxing honeymoon, and they were all set to escape to the Dominican Republic. But natural disaster struck again and their trip was cancelled. Now pros at rearranging, they changed their honeymoon to Hawaii. They had a wonderful time but are still planning on taking a trip to the Dominican Republic to live out their original honeymoon.

—Kelley Saia