Sacramento Weddings

Wedding planning was challenging for Lindsay, who had to balance work, fitness and other priorities, all while trying to coordinate the big day’s details. Greg agrees, saying it was tough “making the time to finalize details during the workweek.”

Thankfully, when their springtime nuptials arrived it was exactly what they imagined it would be. Lindsay was surprised “how everything [they] planned came together so perfectly…I couldn’t have imagined it any better than it turned out.”

They wanted a Sacramento-area venue, which would be convenient for out-of-town guests, and while venue scouting met a couple that had just married at Scribner Bend Vineyards and raved about the property. “It was literally love at first sight when we pulled up,” says Lindsay. “The owners and staff were so friendly, and we loved everything about the location.”
Lindsay, who works in sales and marketing and Greg, who is self employed, met at the gym. They dated three years before getting engaged.

“Our ceremony was simple, just like us,” says Lindsay. “It was in a private lawn area surrounded by vineyards with a running water fountain in the background.” Lindsay loved the moment she first saw Greg. “I walked down the aisle knowing this was the man I would spend the rest of my life with,” she says, explaining she was honored to have “all of our close friends and family there to share in our love.” For Greg, that same moment was in slow motion, as he realized “that all of the planning over the last nine months was worth every minute of it.”

The navy and fuchsia color scheme was a great complement to the rustic wedding. Lindsay especially loved her flowers, noting they “really brought in that pop of color of fuchsia we wanted.”

The reception, also at Scribner Bend Vineyards, was held in a white tent with chandeliers and lighting, and featured cuisine from Bella Bru, including crab cakes, cedar plank salmon and carrot cake with buttercream frosting.

While the majority of the 140 guests were local, there were 10 from San Diego and one from Dubai! The newlyweds, who live in Napa, honeymooned in Playa del Carmen in Paradisus la Perla.

“The key to wedding planning is communication,” says Lindsay, calling the experience a relationship test. “If you can get through a wedding and all the planning, you can get through anything.” Greg’s advice? “Stop and take a moment to enjoy the wedding day. It goes by so fast!”

—Kristen Castillo